Ghana Highlights

Trek through the forest canopy in Kakum National Park and sleep up in a treehouse
Visit local markets and ride tro-tro’s
Soak up the sun on the picturesque Kokrobite beach
Explore the decaying slave forts found along the Cape Coast
Go on safari to see Africa’s famous wildlife in Mole National Park


Ghana is perfect for a first visit to Africa as well as being one of the safest and most stable of the African nations, it is a microcosm of the continent and you can really take advantage of the stunning coastline, lush jungles, and lively Ghanaian culture. When you want home comforts, there are even beachside resorts to cool down on hot afternoons.


Vocational Impact have had links with amazing educational organisations for many years in the capital of Ghana, Accra, and have been a crucial investor in the local area and people. With projects to jump straight into, from schools and street sport, there is something for everyone. 

Expect friendly faces welcoming you and to learn about life in Africa through the eyes of this remarkable city. You will be working on your placement full-time, but with plenty of time to explore and discover this beautiful country. 

The longer you go for, the more you can explore. 


Management team – Based in the heart of the village, you will be welcomed and introduced to the project and staff through your on the ground volunteer manager. They will be an active member of the project team and will help you settle in and get you started. You can rely on your in-country manager to help you with trips and any problems you may have 24/7. 

Catering – There will be a live-in cook provided who will prepare local Ghanian cuisine three times a day. This will be basic Ghanian cuisine. Please inform us of any dietary requirements before your departure.

Housekeeper – A live-in housekeeper will be provided to keep your accommodation clean and tidy. 

Security – Monitoring of the house 24/7 for your peace of mind with live-in staff. 


International volunteers are housed together in one fit for purpose house close to the famous Labadi beach. You will have live-in staff that will cook and clean for you, and there are basic amenities for you to use. 

There are bedrooms, with two showers and you will have a shared living room/kitchen area. 

The bedrooms can be either mixed or single sex and have a fan, mosquito netted windows and plugs. 

Most household items such as cleaning materials, toiletries and the like are provided by the project. Any further supplies may be purchased at your own discretion at a nearby shopping centre.

There is no running water in the village, and water will be provided for you to drink and wash with. 


Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana deserves its place in the sun. As one of Africa’s success stories, the country is benefiting from its stable democracy in the form of fast-paced development.

A trip to Ghana will give you the chance to enjoy a vast array of touristic activities, from museums and busy capitals to paradisiacal beaches, national parks brimming with life and historical forts where you can bear witness to one of the tragic events that have shaken our very concept of humanity – the very beginning of the slave route.

Ghana-Cape-Coast-Castle-1024x768 (1)

GHANA’S Atlantic Coast forts

Ghana’s Atlantic Coast is lined with old forts built by the various European powers which decided to build a trading outpost in the Gold Coast since the 15th Century. The Cape Coast Castle was built for the slave-trade and is one of the most impressive of Ghana’s old forts. It was originally built by the Dutch in 1637, later expanded by the Swedes, finally being taken over by the British in 1664 and turned into their colonial headquarters. It stayed that way for the next 200 years until they moved the capital to Accra in 1877.

Elmina is a quaint fishing town along Ghana’s coast, home to one of Ghana’s biggest attractions, St George’s Castle. Built by the Portuguese in 1482, it was captured by the Dutch 150 years later and became the headquarters of the Dutch West India Company for the following 250 years. Gold exports were replaced by slaves and a tour of the dungeons will show you exactly how gruesome this chapter of humanity was. The stark beauty of the whitewashed Castle walls contrast deeply with the dark history of this place.

National Parks – Mole & Kakum

Mole is Ghana’s largest wildlife park in the northwestern part of the country. Here you’ll be able to see buffalo, antelope, elephants, warthogs, hyenas and maybe a leopard if you get lucky! Lions have recently been re-introduced to the park as well. You can opt for a walking safari or a traditional game drive accompanied by an armed guard.

Kakum National Park is a dense tropical rain forest in southern Ghana, home to over 40 species of mammals including forest elephants, forest buffalo and Mona-meerkats. The bird life is wonderfully varied as with over 250 species present here. The highlight of any visit to Kakum is the stroll on the canopy walkway, built 30 meters above ground, crossing several bridges and over a thousand feet in length. The canopy walkway offers a unique perspective of the wildlife and unique plants of the forest.

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Ghana-Beach-1536x1152 (1)


Ghana has some lovely beaches but the most popular for the last decade has been the beaches around Kokrobite including Langma. Kokrobite is a quick 20-mile (30km) tro-tro ride away from Accra. One of the main attractions here is the excellent Academy of African Music and Art (AAMA) founded by master drummer Mustapha Tettey Addy. The Academy attracts drummers and dancers from all over the world. You can get accommodation at the Music Academy of head to Big Milly’s Backyard in the village (also the beach). Big Milly’s has a friendly bar and restaurant where backpackers, volunteers and Ghanaian Rastafarians chill out.

Whilst you are staying in Senya, there is a beautiful beach and retreat on the edge of the village called Sunflower. Rates are very reasonable and you can either spend the day on their beautiful beach front or rent a little lodge for some r&r.

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