Community Development Volunteer Programme In Ghana
The community development volunteer programme is the perfect opportunity to make both a global impact and a difference on a local level.

You’ll be able to assist with community development projects from sustainability and food self-sufficiency to literacy and book clubs. Our volunteer abroad programmes are perfect for university students, offering proven opportunities to gain valuable work experience and develop new skills for your CV.

Whether you are a first-time or solo traveller, this programme provides cultural and community development placement based in Ghana that will broaden your horizons and empower you to contribute to positive change around the world.

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Work with communities developing everything from sustainability and food to literacy and book clubs.
Lead projects at any level helping whole villages work towards their goals.
Promote economical independence for communities and individuals.
Explore how cultural background and faith factors into development.
Work with partner NGOs.
Build skills and knowledge that fits with your career goals.


Location: Senya Beraku, Ghana
Price: From £325
Dates: 1st week of every month (flexible start dates offered)
Duration: 1-12 Weeks +
Age: 18+
Accommodation, meals, airport pickup/dropoff, in-country transport, professional programme development, 24/7 support


This programme is ideal for…

Whether you are a university student looking to gain practical work experience, an aspiring global citizen eager to broaden your cultural understanding or a compassionate individual dedicated to community development, this programme provides the perfect platform for you to make an impact. With a focus on cultural immersion, sustainable solutions, and addressing the central issues facing developing countries, you’ll have an enriching experience and contribute to positive change in the lives of others.

Programme Overview

Explore Global Development Challenges

Embark on a transformative journey with our community development volunteer programme, where you will have the opportunity to examine and understand the central issues facing developing countries in today’s globalized world. Through immersive experiences and hands-on projects, you will gain valuable insight into these countries’ economic, political, and social challenges. This exploration will deepen your knowledge of international development and provide a unique perspective on the complexities of global issues such as women’s empowerment, gender equality, healthcare, and sustainable development.

  • A transformative journey exploring central issues in developing countries
  • Gain valuable insight into economic, political, and social challenges
  • Deepen knowledge of international development and global issues
Make a Lasting Impact in Local Communities

You will have the chance to make a real and lasting impact in local communities. Through various placements and projects, you will work closely with partner NGOs and organizations to support their core development goals. Whether you are involved in workshops on sustainability, educational initiatives, career development, or addressing pressing social issues, your efforts will contribute to empowering communities, fostering economic independence, and promoting sustainable growth. By actively engaging with local residents, you will witness the transformative power of community development and create positive change on a grassroots level.

  • Make a lasting impact in local communities
  • Work with partner NGOs and organizations
  • Empower communities and promote sustainable growth
Develop Personal Skills and Expand Cultural Awareness

This programme will not only give you the opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives but also the chance for personal and professional growth. Throughout your journey, you will gain valuable skills such as cross-cultural communication, project management, problem-solving, and adaptability. By immersing yourself in different cultural contexts and collaborating with diverse teams, you will expand your cultural awareness, enhance your global perspective, and develop a greater understanding of international relations. These experiences will not only enrich your CV but also shape your outlook on the world, empowering you to become a more effective and empathetic global citizen.

  • Develop personal and professional skills
  • Expand cultural awareness and global perspective
  • Become a more effective and empathetic global citizen

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About the Programme

The Community Development Volunteer Programme in Ghana is designed to give practical on-the-ground work experience. Volunteers will work with local and NGO organisations whilst learning from professionals operating in different fields of international and community development. As well as skills-based learning, volunteers will give back to the community by helping with ongoing development initiatives.  You will also work on important community outreach projects to raise awareness about gender inequality, literacy and access to healthcare. 

You will be volunteering from Monday to Friday and will report to the head office each morning. Although times and duties may vary from day to day, you should expect to be at your placement between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Weekends and free time: The weekends are free time off from volunteering. This is a great opportunity to explore Ghana and plan weekend trips and activities. You can read our Volunteer Travel Guide to Ghana for great tips on places to visit and things to do. If you just want to relax, enjoy the nearby beaches and hang out at the local spots you are welcome to stay at the volunteer accommodation over the weekend, but most volunteers will plan to go on trips together. Our local team can help you organise weekend activities.

Your volunteer placement is based at our charity foundation for children living in adversity in Senya Beraku where we run a holistic and integrated programme of housing, education, tuition, workshops, well-being, arts and sports for children from vulnerable backgrounds.

Visionary and former school teacher, Seth Asiedu from Senya Beraku, Ghana set up this foundation after noticing an increasing number of his students were unable to attend school. They were suffering from neglect and abuse and some were becoming victims of child trafficking. He wanted to help give children opportunities out of poverty driving these issues, ensuring education up to high school age and giving them the best opportunities for the future.

The foundation and community has grown over many years of focused development and integrated services. A home has been built and now provides for 50+ boys and girls with ages ranging from 4 to 16 years. A brand new school was built and commissioned in 2023 to provide education for the children from the home and local community. An agroforestry project is in development with the aim of providing food self-sufficiency, biodiversity, skills development for the kids and making a positive environmental impact.

Ghana faces many challenges and community development volunteers can make an impact by supporting the work of local and international organisations working to help promote sustainable growth. You’ll be working alongside and learning from industry professionals by supporting their daily work in the community. Volunteers will assist with education, tuition, child development and childcare, casework, research, community outreach programmes, sustainability projects and other vital community development work. By developing an understanding of some of the social, economic, political and legal challenges to sustainable community development, volunteers can make a meaningful difference.

You should expect to be learning and working with local professionals to impact change but be aware that there are cultural differences in the way things are approached. Volunteer duties will vary during your time on the programme depending on the daily needs of the organisation, your levels of experience, the department you are working in and how long your programme is. Initially, your tasks will be observational and administrative. The longer you are on the programme and begin to understand the workload, duties and routine the more hands-on and practical your role will be.

First and foremost, as a charity organisation, we operate on a not-for-profit basis. This means your fees don’t go into someone’s pocket, but directly back into the projects you’re supporting. This is something that not many other placements can offer. 

Our collaborations with various organisations and institutions ensure that you gain hands-on experience, offering a chance to work alongside seasoned professionals. Complementing your academic journey, you’ll work alongside community development professionals, local leaders, and community counsellors, benefiting from their shared knowledge and experiences.

Furthermore, our placements encompass more than just the day-to-day tasks. Engaging in community projects provides a broader view of societal development, and it’s a chance to apply your skills in varied, often challenging, environments. The exposure to different cultures and practices will not only widen your perspective but equip you for a diverse work environment in the future.

We’re able to tailor each of our volunteer experiences to fit your goals and experience so get in touch to start your adventure. 

To join the Community Development Volunteer Programme In Ghana, volunteers should be studying community development or similar related fields (International development, Sociology, Human Rights etc.). Graduates or professionals with field experience are also eligible to take part. We also welcome applicants looking to expand their knowledge and understand more about community development.

Volunteers need to be 18 years or older to participate in this placement. Importantly, all applicants should show a strong commitment to learning, a desire to develop and grow, the ability to work in a team and a positive approach to helping people.  

Volunteers from all over the world are welcome to join this programme.

All our projects are founded, managed and developed by locals. We provide essential funding to support community programs, development projects, running costs, local salaries and sustainability. We work with partner organisations that are specialists in the areas they operate. Our partner organisations are selected because of the important work they are doing and they are run by impressive humanitarians and professionals in their fields. 

Volunteers will work at our foundation in Senya which provides holistic care for children suffering from neglect, abuse, child trafficking and poverty. The foundation’s goal is to give children the best opportunities for the future by providing an integrated programme of housing, education, healthcare, nutrition, sports and arts, as well as a focus on counselling, mentoring and well-being. The programme is focused on 3 core areas: Child Development, Community Development & Sustainable Development.

The team in Senya are committed to a cultural exchange of ideas and approaches, sharing professional insight and experience with volunteers. Volunteers will engage and learn about child development, educational practices, sustainable farming and gardening, local culture and customs, rural development issues and community outreach projects to help with local sustainable development.

Vocational Impact operates under UK registered charity, Arms Around the Child. Our core mission is to offer ethical volunteer abroad programmes that provide international skills exchange, career development, work experience, and practical support to international NGOs, and to donate directly towards projects that volunteers work with. 

Ghana is perfect for a first visit to Africa, it’s considered one of the safest and most stable of African nations. Programs are based in the rural coastal town of Senya Beraku, a 2-hour drive West of the capital Accra. Volunteers in Senya can really take advantage of the stunning coastline, tropical beaches, lush jungles, historic forts and the vibrant Ghanaian culture.

Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana deserves its place in the sun. The country is benefiting from its stable democracy in the form of fast-paced development, but rural areas where volunteers are most needed still face challenges with poverty, education, health, stigma and access to services.

Rural volunteer placements are where volunteers can really make an impact. By helping local initiatives and organizations you can make a big difference in the community. Rural life gives you the chance to learn and immerse yourself in the culture of Ghana. You can live like a local whilst having easy access to the rich experiences Ghana has to offer.

In Ghana, volunteers can expect friendly and welcoming faces, laidback local culture, historical landmarks and natural beauty. Among the highlights is visiting the capital Accra, with its markets, museums, bars and bustling city life. The Atlantic coast forts along the Gold Coast are significant for understanding the painful history of the slave trade. Kakum National Park is home to wildlife, plants and forests, best experienced from the canopy walk through the trees 30 meters above ground. The many tropical and paradise-like beaches are the perfect place to unwind.

This is a truly special country to volunteer in for an authentic African experience!


During the course of your placement, you will stay at a specifically designed volunteer house located in the local village of Senya-Beraku. You will therefore live like a local Ghanaian. The accommodation is of very good quality by local standards and has running water, hot showers, and electricity, but it can be inconsistent. There is a large and well-maintained forecourt, well-sized bedrooms and living spaces, and although basic, the house is clean and comfortable. There is a caretaker/ security guard who attends to the gate of the accommodation, the protection of the property and the safety of the volunteers. You will have staff that will cook and clean for you, and there are basic amenities for you to use. 

The house can host up to 4 volunteers at one time. There are 2 rooms, each with 2 beds, and if you are with a group of four you will share a room with another volunteer. If you are with a mixed group rooms will be separate for male and female volunteers with a shared common room and toilet facilities. There is a communal kitchen, supplied with basics: fridge, freezer, kettle and hob. Pillows and sheets are provided, however, it is recommended that you bring your own towels and mosquito nets. You can only drink bottled water, which will be provided for you.

There is no Wi-Fi at the home or in the village, however, you can buy a local SIM card with data (your phone needs to be unlocked) to stay connected. The VI team in-country will help you purchase a local SIM Card.

Senya Beraku is a small village community where you will be welcomed and made to feel at home by the locals. During your free time you can visit the local beaches, hang out at the fort overlooking the sea or head to one of the local bars (we recommend Tom’s Garden) for a drink and a bite to eat. There are several small shops around the village as well as a local market where you can purchase some snacks and other essentials. 


You will be provided with three meals per day cooked on-site at the accommodation. This is your chance to experience local, authentic and traditional Ghanaian food. Carbs, meats and vegetables are all staple parts of the diet in Ghana. Here is an example of meals served:

Breakfast: Toasted Bread, Eggs, Milo, Milk, Coffee, Pancakes, Omelette, Salad, Fruit, Cereal, Butter, Chocolate Spread.

Lunch / Dinner:

Rice with tomato sauce / Yam chips with shito and chicken / Rice with cabbage stew and egg / Noodles / Jollof with salad and chicken / Beans with fried Plantain / Fried rice with salad and chicken / Red red beans with Jollof / Yam chips with Shito and chicken or fish / Rice with Tomato sauce and chicken / Boiled yam with vegetable stew and chicken

Meals can be made Vegetarian and Vegan dishes can be provided upon request. Our team will do their best to cater for any dietary requirements.

We aim to begin programmes on the first Monday of each month. Once you register for the programme we work closely with all volunteers to map your dates together. Volunteers will need to arrive one or two days before orientation. 

After you have registered for the programme you will need to book flights to arrive at Kotoka International Airport (ACC) in Accra. Upon arrival in Ghana, you will be met at the airport by one of our volunteer coordinators. We will provide you with a Vocational Impact T-shirt which makes identification easy. Our team will then transport you to Senya, you can then expect a travel time of anywhere between 1-2 hours.

Orientation is hosted by our local team where you will receive an introduction to your programme. This will cover information about Ghana, the culture and customs, expectations, safety, staff members, organisational partners, and an overview of the placement itinerary. 

Depending on when you arrive you will get a guided tour of Senya with our volunteer coordinator a day before the programme begins. This gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the local village, landmarks, beaches, town centre, some hang out spots and bars etc.

On your final day of the programme, usually a Friday evening we will host a leaving BBQ for you and the other volunteers also departing to thank you and say farewell to all the friends you’ve made and the people you’ve worked with. 

Programme Fees:

1 week – £325
2 weeks – £650
3 weeks – £975
4 weeks – £1300
5 weeks – £1600
6 weeks – £1900
8 weeks – £2400
10 weeks – £2900
12 weeks – £3300
What’s Included:

✔︎ Support in Country
✔︎ Transportation
✔︎ Accommodation
✔︎ Meals
✔︎ Weekly laundry and housekeeping
✔︎ Personal Development Training
✔︎ Professional Programme Support
✔︎ 24/7 In-country volunteer coordinator
✔︎ Registration at affiliate organizations

✔︎ 30 + hours of cross-cultural training
✔︎ 24/7 international support
✔︎ Weekends off for travel opportunities

After Care:

✔︎ Certificate of Learning (upon request)
✔︎ Employment opportunities. Join our team!
✔︎ Become a VI Ambassador
✔︎ Join the Vocational Impact alumni community
✔︎ We can provide you with Job references


Registration Fee:

In addition to the programme fee there is a £265 registration fee to secure your place on the programme. This registration fee includes:

Support Before you Travel

✔︎ Tailored placements to match your interests, career development goals or university subject
✔︎ Pre-departure support with paperwork
✔︎ Support with flights + insurance & visa advice
✔︎ Unlimited telephone and email support
✔︎ Fundraising guides
✔︎ Volunteer essential information guide
✔︎ Packing lists
✔︎ 100% financial protection + flexible booking and start dates

Where Does My Money Go:

Unlike other companies in the field, Vocational Impact is a charity organisation and operates under UK registered charity, Arms Around the Child. Your programme fees go towards providing you a safe, organised and structured volunteer placement and is reinvested directly back into our project partners in Africa and India.

We claim GiftAID on your donation fees (UK only), which means we can donate more directly towards the projects you will stay with. Vocational Impact are governed by the UK Charity Commission and we are a not-for-profit operation. We have been awarded ‘Ethical Travel Partner’ at many UK universities because of our unique model.

What’s Not Included:

✗ Flights
✗ Tourist Visa (if applicable)
✗ Travel Insurance
✗ Spending Money
✗ Vaccinations
✗ Police check/DBS


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