3 Incredible Experiences Only Found in Volunteer Travel

There’s one way of travelling that will definitely take you off the tourist trail – joining a volunteer abroad programme. It’s a unique way of seeing new places and experiencing new cultures whilst contributing to international charity projects. Not only does it give you a chance to learn and practice valuable skills that can help your career but it will even give you an advantage over other candidates in job interviews. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to the classic gap year or post-grad travel then a programme with Vocational Impact is perfect for you. As a registered charity that has long-term partnerships with projects across Africa and India, we can prove the impact skilled volunteering has on developing communities around the world. 

Many of our volunteers set out to change the world but often discover the biggest change was in themselves. 

Check out this breakdown of some unique experiences that are only possible through ethical volunteer travel.

Examine Clinical Psychology in Action in Ghana

How can you support mental health practitioners on the front line of psychology care in Ghana? By joining them of course. This project has been running for years and each batch of volunteers has found the experience deeply transformative. Not only because they’ve seen the amazing work that goes on to support people with such low resources but also because of the love, care and attention they’ve witnessed from the staff. 

Our volunteers tell stories about the impact they’ve witnessed shadowing these professionals and taking responsibility themselves. From explaining medication effects to counseling individuals on managing relationships with severe diagnoses this is vital work. 

This program not only enhances professional skills but also deeply affects personal growth, providing a broader understanding of global mental health challenges and a refreshed perspective on psychological care.

Programme Name: Clinical Psychology Volunteer Programme in Ghana.

Programme Fees: From £400/ Week (what’s included?)

Explore the Criminal Justice System in South Africa

There’s no simple solution to tackling the issues facing the criminal justice system in any country. But volunteers joining our criminology internship in South Africa tackle these issus head on. You’ll be working at a leading human rights NGO shoulder-to-shoulder with lawyers fighting for change. 

No day is the same as you work in everything from community outreach, attending court sessions and attending youth rehabilitation services. The connections and experiences you have along the way will change your perception of the justice system both in South Africa and your home country. 

The connection with the project and the people in it will provide you with these insights but also the mentorship they provide will give you the confidence to contribute actively. Going beyond casework to leading workshops and sessions with their support that can be used as examples when a future employer asks that dreaded question ‘Tell me about a time when…”

Programme Name: Criminology & Law Volunteer Programme in South Africa

Programme Fees: From £400/ Week (what’s included?) 

Help Orphans deal with Trauma and Mental Health Issues In India

There is still a huge stigma surrounding children born with HIV and AIDS across the world but especially in India. Oftentimes without parents or families to support them these children live in orphanages supported by NGOs and charity organisations. Vocational Impact has been supporting one of these projects in Jaipur supported by the parent charity Arms Around The Child. 

The work that volunteers do here goes beyond simply supporting the community but actively works to ‘break the cycle’ of illness and poverty through education, empowerment and activism. You’ll engage with patients at a deeper level through counselling sessions, educational workshops, and support groups, learning about unique challenges and innovative solutions in the field of mental health. This program not only enhances your understanding of psychiatric care but also enriches your perspective on global health, making it an unforgettable experience that shapes both your career path and personal development.

Programme Name: Psychology & Mental Health Volunteer Programme in India

Programme Fees: From £350 / Week (what’s included?)

Experience New Cultures Like A Local

You can’t learn how to break out of your comfort zone from a book. It has to be experienced! This is what makes volunteer travel as a student or graduate so magical. So dive in and take part. 

That could be learning new languages and trying new foods across Africa or joining some of the wildest celebrations and festivals in India. It’s often the things that happen along the way that will stick out the most for you. If you want a taster of the experiences student volunteers have had with us check out our reviews! They’re full of random stories and experiences that will last a lifetime. 

It’s not all hard work during your volunteer placement! You’ll have evenings and weekends to explore the amazing locations you’ll be staying in. This could be climbing to the top of Table Mountain in South Africa, taking a day trip to the Taj Mahal in India or walking through the tree tops on the canopy walk in Ghana’s Kakum National Park. These adventures will have so much meaning for you as they’ll be coupled with your experience on the placement and the connections you’ve made along the way.   

Choosing an organisation like Vocational Impact means having support every step of the way, from sifting through options to finding the perfect program that aligns with your personal and professional goals. Go confidently during your volunteer travel, knowing that experienced in-country support staff are there to support you throughout your stay.

Volunteer Travel To Transform Your World And Yourself

Venturing into volunteer travel offers more than just a break from the usual tourist destinations; it’s an invitation to immersive cultural exchanges and meaningful contributions to global communities. With Vocational Impact, you can explore unique opportunities from enhancing mental health support in Ghana to engaging with the criminal justice system in South Africa and supporting children with mental health challenges in India. Each program is designed not only to aid professional development but also to foster profound personal growth.

Whether you’re a student seeking a gap year adventure or a graduate looking to enrich your career path, these experiences promise to alter your perspective and inspire change — both in the world and within yourself.

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