Vocational Impact’s core mission is to provide volunteer abroad programmes offering international skills exchange, career development and work experience by recognising and listening to the needs of international NGOs and charities and their development goals. 

Founded in 2015, Vocational Impact help international projects build and grow through research, crucial funding and empowerment. We are a proud member of the internationally recognised and UK registered charity, Arms Around the Child


We have global experience helping hundreds of students, graduates and professionals each year access projects that will enhance their careers by accessing unique and tailored work experience opportunities. We work with the individual and then match you to the project that would benefit most from your unique set of skills and experiences. 


From a sleepy town in Hampshire (UK), our Founder Sarah set off in her early twenties to explore and adventure around Australia. It was a solo trip which opened her eyes to the world and the possibilities within it. After Australia she started her first business, went to university whilst completing five internships. After exploring Europe, she got the travel bug once again and jumped on a plane, on a one-way ticket and travelled to Hong Kong, the heart of Asia. Sarah worked in finance for a few years and during this time, she decided she wanted to work on the corporate social responsibility side of things, rather than focusing on profit margins. This is when she Founded her second business, a PR agency for NGOs and charities in Asia. Working with incredible and inspiring brands, and developing a passion for helping charities grow their cause and networks, she never looked back. 

Returning to the UK after four years in Asia, she linked up with the amazing charity Arms Around the Child and started developing an international volunteer programme, having spent years working with charities and listening to their biggest challenges. Sarah understood that building reliable funding sources was the best way she could help, as well as sending educated and eager to learn students and professionals. It was a win/win situation, where the partner projects received valuable funds and passionate volunteers, while the volunteers and professionals gained valuable and life changing work experience and career enhancing opportunities. 

From the start, Sarah has worked tirelessly to support students and professionals realise their dreams and Vocational Impact has helped thousands of people make the switch from university to a successful graduate job, or professionals make a career change. She has been invited to many universities to advise on employment forums and speak to thousands of students about work experience options and has worked with many corporate companies to develop CSR and sponsorship. 


Unlike many volunteer abroad programme providers, we are not a company but a UK (and US) registered charity and therefore primarily a fundraising initiative on behalf of our project partners. We are committed to developing reliable and sustainable funding plans for our partner organisations. 

We invest our donation fees directly back to the projects we send volunteers too; helping them grow, access skilled local staff and crucial funds for projects like women’s empowerment, child protection, mental health and international development. 

We are regulated by the UK Charity Commission and Fundraising Regulator

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