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Our Story

Vocational Impact was founded in 2015 to help professionals, graduates and current university students impact sustainable development projects in Africa and India.

We link results driven NGOs with university students, graduates and alumni to gain career-enhancing work experience


With a core mission to drive international skills exchange, training and empowerment, Vocational Impact recognised the need of NGOs, and the skills university students and professionals can bring to them.

Vocational Impact help international projects build and grow through research, crucial funding and sustainable development.

Vocational Impact work with top universities around the world to find the best student volunteers to serve the communities we support.

We are driven by sustainability and development, partnering with vision focused NGOs.

Vocational Impact work with groundbreaking charity partners achieving incredible results in;



Art, Design, Music and Photography

Child Development and Social Work 

Criminology and Law

Medical, Nursing and Healthcare 

Psychology, and Mental Health

Humanities and Social Sciences

International Development

Sports Development & Fitness

Business, Marketing & NGO Management

Vocational Impact believe international placements have the potential to achieve social impact on an exponential scale as the exchange of skills, knowledge and ideas continues to spread from community to community.

How We Differ

We pride ourselves with our unique fundraising model. We are part of a registered charity and therefore we are a not-for-profit.  We are not driven by profit, but by people and the places they work in. 

We donate the highest percentage of our volunteer costs direct to our partner organisations committing to developing reliable and sustainable funding plans for our partner organisations.

We invest in international development with all our partner projects, helping them grow, access skills and funds through many important avenues.

We Have Worked With University Students From…

We are proud to work with students from the below universities and many many more. We have worked with hundreds of students from universities around the world and this number keeps growing and growing. From Bournemouth University, Bristol University and Birmingham University, to Leeds University, UWE and the University of York. We welcome all students, from any background and walk of life to apply to one of our placements. 

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