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Hands-on and Practical Psychology Experience
The psychology placement was very insightful. It was a very hands-on and practical experience that I will carry through my life as I wish to be a clinical psychologist. I was mainly involved in clinical history taking of patients with addiction (primarily alcohol and opium) and I also sat in on diagnostic sessions with the Dr. I learnt about clinical assessment in psychology, delved into the DSM and ICD-10, learned about psychiatric diagnosis and addictions, and helped run anxiety and depression tests for clients.

Spending time with the kids in the afternoon was wonderful! I feel like I have made friends for life. Meeting the kids and Smriti aunt and seeing the life she has built for them and the experiences she ensures they have was truly inspiring. Also seeing the children’s love for each other and how they built their own family away from their birth givers was great.
Pavani Duggal
University of St Andrews
December 2023
It Helped Me Understand Myself More
This was the first time I got to engage with Clinical Psychology practically. A lot of my studies (as a Law student) focus on the theory of rehabilitation, but I got to actually sit in rehab clinics and engage with the clients, which really helped put my studies into practice. As someone who wants to go into Clinical-Forensic Psychology, but is currently studying Law, this Psychology work experience will definitely benefit me when I do my Master’s.

When I was in the Psychology Department I got to learn and contribute to some of the case studies that were being taught to the Psychiatric Nurse students. The rehabilitation clinic had a visiting group of Americans who made us all have counselling sessions, along with the clients. Hearing everyone’s own stories as well as giving my own contributions really helped me understand myself more.
Marilyn Gomes
University of Cambridge
December 2023
Priceless Once-in-a-lifetime Experience in India
I really had the best time!! I want to thank Vocational Impact because it was very well organized, and I felt very safe and taken care of. I’m very grateful for all the work you guys put in! Overall, my experience and impressions of my time in India were impressive, unmatched and priceless, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is hard for me to generally put into words what I learned and how much I feel I have grown during this time.

I cultivated so much compassion, empathy, and understanding that this will definitely help me in my future profession. I will be able to have a better understanding of situations that I cannot directly relate to. It gives me understanding and perspective for things that are not my own. I understand hardship on a new level and this understanding creates empathy and this empathy can only be of benefit for a psychotherapist.
Lena Funk
Erasmus University Rotterdam
November 2023
Life-changing Psychology Experience in Ghana
This was probably one of the most amazing but also the hardest and most intense experiences of my life to date. I was involved in some major breakthroughs with some of the rehab, bipolar & anger management patients. I also helped do a lot of psychoeducation on diagnosis and the brain, in both the male ward and rehab clinic and the counsellors let me write up the reports. This was all such an incredible experience and has really helped my professional and career development.

My time at the Psychiatric Hospital was phenomenal. It really was a life-changing, eye-opening, heart-wrenching, and incredibly rewarding experience. Tony, the coordinator there, was so inspiring, and the level of organization and care at the facility was truly impressive.
Jess Walch
University of Adelaide
October 2023


Volunteering abroad can be one of the most rewarding ways to create lasting change. Especially if you’re able to offer a unique set of skills that are vitally needed. What …

"International volunteering gives you cross-cultural experiences and understandings of your subject field - learning and applying your psych knowledge outside the classroom whilst having an amazing international travel experience - why wouldn’t you want to go?!"

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