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Finding work-based experience that helps you stand out from the crowd isn’t always easy. That’s why going abroad for an internship or placement is real a game-changer for students and graduates.

At Vocational Impact, our goal as a charity is clear: connect skilled volunteers to the projects where they’re needed most. You’ll collaborate with professionals, gaining experience and making a real difference in developing communities.

With our long-established partnerships, we’re equipped to tailor volunteer opportunities to fit your needs.

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“Visiting the courts was pretty incredible. All of the pretty difficult stuff was made better by having Mildred with us.  Being given access to the front seat in the court was such an experience. They’re quite small so you’re right in the middle of it.”

Molly, Oxford University, Criminology Volunteer in South Africa

“I learned from being in the heart of a working and active internationally renowned charity in johannesburg. Whilst I was there, they were desperate for funders and it gave me a great insight into the process that they had to go through to achieve funds to stay afloat.”

Satara, Portsmouth University,
Business and NGO Volunteer in South Africa

“I am doing my dissertation on malaria, we don’t have the knowledge about it here in England so it was great to find out more about first hand.  I sat for about an hour talking to the disease controller about malaria, which is something I could not do back home”

Nia, University of Leeds, 
Medical Volunteer in Ghana

“Being able to observe play-therapy was a real highlight of my psychology placement. This was really interesting as I had been working with the child in the day-centre, so watching his play-therapy session really opened my eyes to how powerful this line of treatment is.”

Nele, Bath University, 
Psychology Volunteer Ghana


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