Vocational Impact is committed to international development projects, working with key corporate partners to improve the sustainability of all our project partners. We work in a circular economic way, meaning we invest everything back into the charities we work with. 

Local Ownership

All our projects are founded, managed and developed by locals. We provide essential funding to support running costs, local salaries and sustainability.

We work with partner organisations that are all specialists in the areas they operate. All our partner organisations are selected because of the important work they are doing and they are run by impressive humanitarians. 

In South Africa, where HIV/AIDS is still incredibly prevalent, we work with three organisations that support communities affected by the 290,000 new cases each year.

We are an NGO led organisation, providing support for their development and finding students that have skills that local organisations identify. We are acting on their guidance and needs and assist with their development where we can provide additional information and funding. 

South Africa Supported Projects

1) SA Project 1 is an outreach programme supporting 350 families and child-headed households. They are supported by corporate partners and third party charities, who recognise their work helping children affected with HIV with their ongoing education and psychological needs.

2) SA Project 2 is an NGO in Johannesburg, and offers residential, holistic care and support for mothers and their children whose lives have been impacted by HIV/AIDS. It aims to improve the productivity of their residents through providing access to medical care, therapy, education and skill building workshops. The goal is to empower residents while providing a safe, dignified home in hopes that all mothers and children are able to become responsible and contributing members of society.

3) SA Project 3 works on behalf of children who have been sexually abused, to minimise their risk of HIV infection at the point of rescue, ensure their health and wellbeing, and bring their perpetrators to justice. Driven by the passion and fearlessness of its staff, most of whom are survivors of abuse themselves, they deal with the unthinkable every day to bring an end to the exploitation of vulnerable children. Its rescue, outreach, and awareness-raising programmes deliver a multi-pronged approach to fighting the issue of abuse. Recently, the project has expanded to new communities, holding training and awareness-raising events, and increasing dialogue concerning the rights of children in South African courts.

Ghana | India 


1) GH Project 1 is a unique environment for learning and creative exploration.  Our mission is to support development by facilitating projects and programs that demonstrate the intersections between art, culture, design, health and sustainable development through literacy. We define literacy as the ability to read, write, and comprehend the written and spoken word. 

2) GH Project 2 makes a long term positive change to communities and the lives of disadvantaged children using our projects to improve as many lives as possible whilst providing the opportunity for them to have great fun at the same time. They link up with training hospitals, and education facilities that support street children into school. 

1) IN Project 1 is an outreach community initiative working with mums to develop their employability and entrepreneur skills. There is also links with local hospitals and health clinics, and university research projects in Anthropology and International Development. With over 20 years of partnership between us and them, we have secured an opportunity to explore India from the heart. 


As Vocational Impact operates under UK registered charity,  Arms Around The Child and their accountability, monitoring and evaluation protocols, we are therefore governed by the UK Charity Commission, a Trust Deed, and Board of Trustees, who have legal obligations to oversee operations. 

Each partner organisation is registered in their own country. These are governed by their own country’s regulations. Each country has their own guidelines and we do not partner with any organisation that isn’t a registered or recognised charity/NGO. 

AATC charity registration number: 1123038 | AATC USA charity register: 501c3  

The Vocational Impact project partners are the guiding force for all development, we are a service provider for them. They set out their needs and we develop communication channels to find appropriate students to support the project goals. Therefore the success of the project is a constant and joint conversation around project gaps and needs. 

Once we have established a regular pattern of visiting volunteers to each project, the unrestricted donation we provide the project is then a sustainable and reliable donation stream. We aim to provide a minimum number of visiting volunteers per month to each of our partner projects, bringing in enough donations to cover our partner organisations basic running costs. 

The direct donation is put towards the hosting costs incurred by the project and goes towards their general running costs. This means we gather the running accounts and budgets for each project, and ensure the donations are being spent on necessities, electricity, petrol, food, education materials, staff, exam fees, school fees, medical bills etc. We help them look for ways to increase donations, plan and match-fund for larger development or building projects. 

We ensure a yearly visit to all our project partners to continue to build relationships, trust and spend time with them. We find new projects based on local suggestions and connections. We evaluate their aims, objectives and goals and listen to their needs. We then design placements around their key objectives, finding students that are focusing on that key area or have an interest in taking on similar projects to combine effort, understanding, knowledge and skill.  

You can also read many student testimonials about their day-to-day activities and roles whilst on a Vocational Impact programme. We interview every returning volunteer, and require a mid-placement feedback form to be completed. This way we can evaluate whilst they are on placement what activities they have been involved with and act accordingly. 

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Vocational Impact takes sustainability very seriously. We are guided by the United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainable Goals and work towards improving our community output continuously.



Vocational Impact works with carefully selected communities in Europe, Africa and India. We have built relationships with projects, NGOs and charities for more than 30 years. We have been committed to supporting these projects for many years and have worked with in-country management and staff to provide an increased quality of life for the communities the projects serve. We are particularly focused on development for the poorest in society, and have worked on many initiatives to build local innovation and support people to break the poverty-cycle.


By providing the projects we partner with a regular financial income, they are able to feed many people and children in their local communities. This is done through community outreach initiatives, as well as setting up community food-hubs, and supply food and emergency packages to those most in need at weekly gatherings in the heart of rural and vulnerable communities.

Good health/Well being

Vocational Impact work with local medical staff in hospitals and health clinics, providing equipment and income to support the ongoing in-country health goals. We work with top UK universities and their students and graduates to provide additional help. We fund medical staff at all our projects to work in-house with the community in their care.


We are committed to increasing access to good quality education at all of our partner projects. We have supported new school buildings being erected, as well as conducted school talks about sexual health and mental health. Vocational Impact volunteers have worked with local staff to provide community education as part of outreach initiatives.

Gender equality

Vocational Impact is committed to gender equality and the promotion of gender education at all the projects we partner with. We have hosted gender equality workshops and worked with teen groups to explore understanding around this subject.

Clean water/sanitation

We have worked tirelessly to install running water at all our projects for local residents to utalise. We support critical funding at all of our partner projects, which involves paying water bills to ensure access to water for everyone.

Decent work/economic growth

Vocational Impact partners with local employers to offer opportunities to train and seek better work positions. We offer structured career development and invest into the local development goals set out by the in-country management teams.

Sustainable communities

We believe communities should be safe, and Vocational Impact works continuously to support the safety of all the projects we partner with.

Responsible consumption and reduction

Vocational Impact is committed and focused on sustainable tourism. We believe volunteering is an important source of foreign exchange and employment, while being closely linked to the social, economic, and environmental well-being of many countries, especially developing countries. We follow the World Tourism Organisation definition of sustainable tourism as “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities".

Global partnerships

Our global partners form the backbone to our organisation and international development efforts. We are guided by their ambitions for growth and development and Vocational Impact strive to fulfil their needs by adding skills exchange. We work with organisations to help manage income and expenditure to work towards expanding to work with a larger portion of the community.

Additional ways you should choose Vocational Impact as your sustainable volunteer abroad operator.


​​Tot up your emissions using an online carbon calculator and Vocational Impact will pay a company to counterbalance your climate pollution by investing in a project elsewhere. All our projects are verifiable, traceable and permanent.

For your flight from Helsinki to London this would be around £20, according to Some of the Vocational Impact projects use forestry to absorb carbon elsewhere and invest in renewables. 

Use Atmosfair’s airline ranking to check efficiency.