South Africa – Durban

South Africa, our most popular location, is the 25th largest country in the world. Visitors are attracted to the country for the lovely vineyards, sandy beaches, stunning mountain ranges, and renowned safaris. Masked behind the country’s beauty and diversity is the prevalence of HIV and AIDS, which is greater than anywhere else worldwide. Our project in Durban and Johannesburg work to provide care and safety for the vulnerable and affected.

Operation Bobbi Bear

Durban, South Africa is known for its beaches, aquatic experiences, and rich history. More importantly, Durban is home to Bobbi Bear. Operation Bobbi Bear uses colourful stuffed toy bears to break down language barriers as they are used by children telling the stories of their abuse. The organisation’s efforts don’t stop there. They host clinics to treat and listen to those affected, provide care and support, offer therapy and safety to prevent continued abuse, and work with the authorities to make sure justice is served. They also have initiatives to equip members of the community with the skills to address certain situations, save children from abuse, and minimise the spread of HIV/AIDS.


“With Bobbi Bear you really get to see South Africa with all its beauty and political faults; going to court which only highlights the challenges in the judicial system, visiting hospitals, taking care of babies and children, jumping up in the middle of the night because there is a call out; so much excitement and thrill… I do have one advice though; don’t go to Bobbi Bear for the thrills and the hardships; go to Bobbi Bear because you care, you have love to share and you want to get to know Bobbi Bear and the story of the people they support.” Tanja, Bobbi Bear

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