Tailor Made Volunteer Programmes in South Africa
Looking for a unique volunteer experience in South Africa?

Our longstanding partnerships with projects and organisations across the country give us the unique opportunity to create tailor-made volunteer opportunities for students, graduates, or professionals who want to make a difference within their specific specialisation or skill set.

With a variety of ways to contribute, you don’t need to limit yourself to just one methodology or niche. The best way to build your own program is to get in touch with your personal coordinator and explore the opportunities available to you.

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Join one of our teams or move between projects
Work with organisations on the forefront of HIV/AIDS care
Mix rural and inner-city projects
Target your programme to specific communities
Work towards specific career or education goals with an ethical focus
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Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Price: From £325
Dates: 1st week of every month (flexible start dates offered)
Duration: 1-12 weeks +
Age: 18+
Professional programme development, registration, 24/7 support, Help with victim support care, Discover the vibrant city of Johannesburg, Experience South Africa with other volunteers


This programme is ideal for…

Our tailor-made volunteer programmes in South Africa are perfect for individuals who are looking to make a positive impact while pursuing their own unique interests and goals. Whether you are a student, graduate, or professional, if you want the freedom to design a programme that suits your skills and aspirations, then this programme is for you. It is an excellent opportunity for those who are eager to give back, make a difference, and contribute to meaningful projects in South Africa while tailoring their volunteer experience to their specific field or area of expertise.

Programme Overview

We understand that each volunteer has unique skills and goals. That’s why we offer personalized volunteer programmes that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Our dedicated programme coordinators work closely with you to design a programme that aligns with your skills, interests, and aspirations. Whether you’re interested in healthcare, community development, education, or environmental conservation, we have a wide range of opportunities available. By customizing your volunteer experience, you can make the most of your time abroad and contribute to the causes that matter to you.

  • Tailor-made volunteer programmes for individual skills and goals.
  • Work closely with dedicated programme coordinators
  • Opportunities in various areas of interest and expertise
Create Positive Change in Developing Communities

Our volunteer programmes are specifically designed to make a meaningful impact in developing communities. By joining our programmes, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with local communities, NGOs, and organizations to address pressing social issues and contribute to sustainable development. Whether you’re involved in community empowerment projects, education initiatives, healthcare support, or environmental conservation efforts, your contributions will empower communities, foster economic independence, and promote positive change. Together, we can create a better future for those in need.

  • Direct involvement in community projects
  • Addressing pressing social issues such as HIV/AIDS
  • Contributing to sustainable long term development
Seamless and Rewarding Volunteer Journey

We believe in providing comprehensive support to ensure a seamless and rewarding volunteer experience. From the moment you commit to the programme, we take care of every detail, including airport pickup and drop-off, secure and comfortable accommodation in dedicated volunteer cottages/rooms, and 24/7 in-country support. You’ll also receive 30+ hours of interactive cross-cultural training and practice to enhance your global perspective. Additionally, you’ll receive a certificate of learning to validate your experience and showcase your commitment to making a difference. With our support, you can embark on a life-changing journey of personal growth and cultural immersion.

  • Comprehensive support throughout the volunteer journey
  • Secure and comfortable accommodation
  • Cross-cultural training and certification

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About the Programme

Our tailor-made volunteer programmes in South Africa offer a rewarding and enriching experience that caters to your unique interests and goals. Expect a personalized programme designed specifically for you, addressing pressing social issues and contributing to sustainable development. Collaborate with local communities, NGOs, and organizations, fostering cross-cultural exchange. Receive comprehensive support, from pre-departure preparations to 24/7 in-country assistance. Immerse yourself in South African culture, explore diverse landscapes, and participate in cultural activities. Gain professional and personal growth, enhancing your skills and global perspective. Upon completion, receive a certificate of learning to validate your experience. Experience a meaningful journey of impact and personal development in South Africa.

When you join our tailor-made volunteer programmes in South Africa, you will have the opportunity to work with a range of organizations in Johannesburg, depending on your specific interests and skills. We collaborate with multiple partner organizations and NGOs that are dedicated to various causes, such as child welfare, healthcare, education, community development, and more. You could be placed at a foundation for abused children, a healthcare facility, a school, or a community center, among other possibilities. Your placement will be carefully selected to match your goals and provide a meaningful experience. You’ll be sure to make a difference in diverse and impactful projects throughout Johannesburg.

Psychology Degree Abroad (1)

Contribute to making a positive impact in South Africa through our tailor-made volunteer programmes. Support vulnerable communities, offer your skills and expertise in areas like psychology, healthcare, education, and community development. Engage in outreach and awareness initiatives, raise awareness about social issues, advocate for human rights and gender equality. Assist with practical tasks, such as event organization, research, and administrative duties. Foster cross-cultural exchange by embracing local culture and traditions, promoting understanding and tolerance. Your dedication will make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities, driving positive change and creating a lasting impact.

Choose Vocational Impact for your volunteer experience in South Africa and make a meaningful difference. As a charity organization, we reinvest donations into the projects, ensuring your time and work have a direct impact. Gain practical clinical experience, work with industry professionals, and develop your career skills. Engage in community development projects, contribute to cross-cultural exchange, and immerse yourself in local culture. Explore the vibrant city of Johannesburg, experience the rich history and landmarks of South Africa, and connect with fellow volunteers. With tailored programs, ethical focus, and support from our dedicated team, Vocational Impact offers a rewarding and transformative volunteering opportunity.

To participate in our volunteer programmes in South Africa, you must be 18 years or older and have the enthusiasm and dedication to work and engage with your chosen programme. There are no specific educational or professional qualifications required. Whether you are a student, graduate, or professional, as long as you are ready to get stuck in and make a positive impact, you are welcome to join us. We value individuals who are committed to learning, open to new experiences, and have a positive attitude towards helping others.

All our projects are founded, managed and developed by locals. We provide essential funding to support community programs, development projects, running costs, local salaries and sustainability. We work with partner organisations that are specialists in the areas they operate. Our partner organisations are selected because of the important work they are doing and they are run by impressive humanitarians and professionals in their fields.

Our foundation in South Africa provides holistic care for mothers and children suffering from HIV/AIDS. The foundation’s goal is to give these mothers and children the best opportunities for the future by providing an integrated programme of housing, education, healthcare, nutrition, sports and arts, as well as a focus on counselling, mentoring and well-being.

The team is committed to a cultural exchange of ideas and approaches, sharing professional insight and experience with volunteers, and working on community outreach projects together that raise awareness about abuse, sexual health, human rights and access to services.

Vocational Impact operates under UK registered charity, Arms Around the Child. Our core mission is to offer ethical volunteer abroad programmes that provide international skills exchange, career development, work experience, and practical support to international NGOs, and to donate directly towards projects that volunteers work with.

Once home to Nelson Mandela, surrounded by rich culture and world-famous safari parks, Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest city. For a first-time journey to South Africa, Johannesburg offers visitors a great insight into the country’s complex history, cultural landscape and fast-paced modern development. Experience Johannesburg from a unique perspective with Vocational Impact. 

Joburg, the city of gold, is a vibrant urban city. The history of apartheid and uneven development means there is still extreme inequality and poverty. Major problems include poor health care, sexual abuse, gender-based violence and lack of access to services and care. 

Volunteers can really make an impact with this Urban city placement. By helping local initiatives and organizations in Johannesburg you can make a big difference reaching poorer areas of the city and more rural communities in need of support. Urban life gives you the chance to explore the sites and landmarks Johannesburg has to offer and learn about the history and diverse cultures of South Africa. 

You can experience Joburg like a local whilst having easy access to the rich experiences South Africa has to offer. Visit historic Soweto, and learn about the complex history of the country at the local museums. Take weekend and day trips to safari parks, and see the big five (lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and buffalos) for yourself. Go on a trip to Cape Town and climb Table Mountain or hang out at the beaches. Adventure awaits in this diverse, beautiful and incredible country. 


During your placement, you will stay within our project ‘village’ located just outside the city centre which is made up of 20 small cottages, where the residents and staff reside. The accommodation is of very good quality by local standards and has running water, hot showers, and electricity, but electricity can be inconsistent because of load sharing. There is a caretaker/ security guard who attends to the gate of the village, the protection of the property and the safety of the residents and volunteers. You will have staff that will cook and clean for you and laundry services are provided once a week for volunteers in the Village laundromat.

The village has a large community garden, eating hall, sports area and library. The cottage has well-sized bedrooms and living spaces, and although basic, the cottage is clean and comfortable. There are two bedrooms (which can be either mixed or single-sex) with cupboards for clothing and personal belongings. There are two bathrooms; one shower and 1 bathtub and you will have a shared living room. The cottage is equipped with a refrigerator, television & DVD player, microwave and toaster. Most household items such as cleaning materials, toiletries and the like are provided by the project. 

There is no Wi-Fi in the village, however, you can buy a local SIM card with data (your phone needs to be unlocked) to stay connected. The VI team in-country will help you purchase a local SIM Card.


You will be provided with three meals per day cooked on-site at the village. Carbs, meats and vegetables are all staple parts of the diet in South Africa. Meals can be made Vegetarian and Vegan dishes can be provided upon request. Our team will do their best to cater for any dietary requirements.


We aim to begin programmes on the first Monday of each month. Once you register for the programme we work closely with all volunteers to map your dates together. Volunteers will need to arrive one or two days before orientation. 

After you have registered for the programme you will need to book flights to arrive at O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. Upon arrival in South Africa, you will be met at the airport by one of our volunteer coordinators. We will provide you with a Vocational Impact T-shirt which makes identification easy. Our team will then transport you to the village to meet the project. 

Orientation is hosted by our local team where you will receive an introduction to your programme. This will cover information about South Africa, the culture and customs, expectations, safety, staff members, organisational partners, and an overview of the placement itinerary. 

Programme Fees:

1 week – £325
2 weeks – £650
3 weeks – £975
4 weeks – £1300
5 weeks – £1600
6 weeks – £1900
8 weeks – £2400
10 weeks – £2900
12 weeks – £3300
What’s Included:

✔︎ Support in Country
✔︎ Transportation
✔︎ Accommodation
✔︎ Meals
✔︎ Weekly laundry and housekeeping
✔︎ Personal Development Training
✔︎ Professional Programme Support
✔︎ 24/7 In-country volunteer coordinator
✔︎ Registration at affiliate organizations

✔︎ 30 + hours of cross-cultural training
✔︎ 24/7 international support
✔︎ Weekends off for travel opportunities

After Care:

✔︎ Certificate of Learning (upon request)
✔︎ Employment opportunities. Join our team!
✔︎ Become a VI Ambassador
✔︎ Join the Vocational Impact alumni community
✔︎ We can provide you with Job references


Registration Fee:

In addition to the programme fee there is a £265 registration fee to secure your place on the programme. This registration fee includes:

Support Before you Travel

✔︎ Tailored placements to match your interests, career development goals or university subject
✔︎ Pre-departure support with paperwork
✔︎ Support with flights + insurance & visa advice
✔︎ Unlimited telephone and email support
✔︎ Fundraising guides
✔︎ Volunteer essential information guide
✔︎ Packing lists
✔︎ 100% financial protection + flexible booking and start dates

Where Does My Money Go:

Unlike other companies in the field, Vocational Impact is a charity organisation and operates under UK registered charity, Arms Around the Child. Your programme fees go towards providing you a safe, organised and structured volunteer placement and is reinvested directly back into our project partners in Africa and India.

We claim GiftAID on your donation fees (UK only), which means we can donate more directly towards the projects you will stay with. Vocational Impact are governed by the UK Charity Commission and we are a not-for-profit operation. We have been awarded ‘Ethical Travel Partner’ at many UK universities because of our unique model.

What’s Not Included:

✗ Flights
✗ Tourist Visa (if applicable)
✗ Travel Insurance
✗ Spending Money
✗ Vaccinations
✗ Police check/DBS


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