Here are some examples of fundraising success stories

Use these fundraising stories from past volunteers to inspire you. Raising money for your volunteering experience is a great way of connecting your local community and career to the communities you support on your project. So if you’re worried about the costs of volunteering abroad or just want to know how others have raised money to travel check out the examples below. 


“I found the fundraising aspect really rewarding and raised £3212 for my 6 week placement with Vocational Impact. I’m in the university netball team, so we hosted a charity tournament and then I was also able to access a bursary from a local community voluntary organisation that I’ve worked with. I had to commit to returning and sharing my experience with them. I also managed to secure a small sponsorship from a local company, which all helped me reach and go beyond my initial fundraising target. Combining the fundraising events with grants really helped me exceed my target” 


“I was working full-time with the Princes Trust, and decided I wanted to take a sabbatical and career break. I found Vocational Impact really compelling and could see the positive impact they were having on the projects they worked with. Fundraising was really important to me and I went a bit mad, sharing it everywhere I could and asking everyone I know to share it with their networks. I reached out to people that I hadn’t spoken to for a while. I managed to raise £1690 towards my trip.” 


“I had some previous fundraising experience; as an art student you have to raise funds for film and art projects, but fundraising for my volunteer trip to India was a different skill, and I was a bit nervous as I didn’t think I would reach my goal. But my family and friends were really supportive and helped me reach my target, and my university provided me with a £1000 grant which really helped me reach my target. Vocational Impact also helped me find the best flight deals and also helped me budget for my trip. The skills I’ve gained from fundraising have given me more confidence to fund my future art projects.” 


“I was awarded a travel bursary from my university, which helped towards my costs. Vocational Impact is a registered charity, so being awarded a grant was easier than if you went with a for-profit company. I also set up bake sales outside my lectures, and also cleaned people’s rooms. I soon reached and exceeded my fundraising goals’

Where Does Your Volunteer Money GO?

  • International development. 100% invested into the partner projectsMost of the funding goes directly to development of the Vocational Impact project partners 
  • Building a sustainable way for the projects to grow
  • Responsibility to send good volunteers
  • Fundraising for NGOs, a registered charity and not-for-profit

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