Psychology and Mental Health in India

The State of Mental Health in India Today

One in seven Indians were affected by mental disorders of varying severity in 2017. The proportional contribution of mental disorders to the total disease burden in India has almost doubled since 1990.

How can Vocational Impact volunteers help the mental health crisis in India today? 

We are launching a new Psychology and Mental Health Placement to support the development and research of mental health challenges facing millions of Indians.  

Psychology Mental Health India Today

Working alongside NGOs working in the mental health space with slum residents, and clinical psychologists, our volunteers will support the research and development of psychology and mental health programmes in Jaipur. 

This is a great opportunity to gain clinical and practical psychology and mental health work experience which can be applied to your career ambitions. 
You will stay in Jaipur, and work alongside mental health charities working with slum residents and clinical psychologists, to give you an array of experience. 
What you can expect: 
  • Counselling for coping up the trauma and stress caused by HIV Infection.
  • Family counselling for social support generation.
  • Counselling for disclosure of HIV status.
  • Prepare case studies for children based on interaction and observation or administering any tool / method.
  • Interaction with Psychiatrist and discuss case studies. Design & plan interventions with clear activities & monitoring indicators for every child.
  • Follow up activities with frequency and duration that staff may take forward. 

Vocational Impact has worked in India for over a decade, supporting organisations who protect and advocate for vulnerable children. 

In recent years, we have increased our support for mental health organisations, and the work they do with access to care and recovery. 

This is even more relevant now, as covid has left a lasting impact on many who were already struggling. With an estimated 197·3 million people suffering with mental illness, there is a mental health epidemic that is going to be long lasting. 

Your Psychology Placement

You will stay with a host family, and work from Monday -Friday.

You will have the opportunity to visit tourist destinations and learn about the culture and diversity of this incredible destination. 


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