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Criminology and Law

Criminology and Law

The Criminology and Law Volunteer Placement is not for the faint hearted; it is for those with a big heart. Our Criminology and Law placement will give you valuable and a very powerful insight into Criminology themes such as;

Criminal Justice and Punishment,

Crime, Media and Culture,

Criminological Psychology,

Crime and Humanity,

Criminal Investigation,

Wellbeing of Children & Young People

The Criminology and Law Volunteer Abroad Placement is for students who want to live in a different social and cultural context in South Africa and apply their degree subject to a practical experience.

Our criminology and a law placement is a community-based response NGO that tackles a complex set of issues that undermine children’s rights. Children who have been victims of sexual abuse are thrown into a criminal justice system that is ill equipped to enable them to communicate about their ordeal in a way that safeguards their well-being. The added trauma of children struggling to communicate with police officers who are not trained in working sensitively with abused children means that justice is often not done for the child.

During your stay you’ll be able to apply your research methodologies, gather insights and understand how people’s way of life has developed. In addition, you will deal with everyday cases that come in, as well as follow up with closed cases and community outreach programmes. where you’ll be involved as a supporting member of the team.


 “The criminology and law Placement in South Africa was a great experience for me and getting to practice what I’m studying Criminology and Law, so going to court and working alongside the police was great, and taught me so much about the South African criminal justice system”
Criminology and Law Student, South Africa


“Our mission was to create a safe environment where children could come to as well as having enough volunteers to patrol areas working alongside law enforcement as well as collaborating with other role players. Our international volunteers played a vital role in the project and assisted us on the ground locating parents of lost children, comforting distressed children, identifying potential predators.”
Austin, Criminology Student, South Africa


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