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Criminology and Law

Criminology and Law



This is a unique work-experience opportunity for current university students, graduates and masters students studying Criminology and Law. Placements are also available for professionals already working in the area of Criminology & Law. 

85% of students who completed the Criminology and Law placement, said it helped them with practical employability skills and finding degree related work. 

We have helped university students conduct research and we welcome Criminology and Law students and their tutors to get in touch to ask about themes to explore and topics to research.

During your stay you’ll be able to apply your research methodologies, gather insights and understand how people’s way of life has developed in South Africa. In addition, you will deal with everyday cases that come in, as well as follow up with closed cases and community outreach programmes. where you’ll be involved as a supporting member of the team.

This is a great opportunity for work-experience for current university students, graduates and masters students studying Criminology and Law.

Criminology topics that can be applied

Our criminology and a law placement is a community-based response NGO that tackles a complex set of issues that undermine children’s rights. Children who have been victims of sexual abuse are thrown into a criminal justice system that is ill equipped to enable them to communicate about their ordeal in a way that safeguards their well-being. The added trauma of children struggling to communicate with police officers who are not trained in working sensitively with abused children means that justice is often not done for the child.


“The Criminology and Law Placement in South Africa was a great experience for me and getting to practice what I’m studying. Going to court and working alongside the police was great and taught me so much about the South African criminal justice system which I could then apply back home”

Criminology and Law Student, Lueven University, Belgium


Watch Criminology Student from Bournemouth University talk about the South Africa legal system she witnessed on her Criminology and Law Placement




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