“The most scientific of the humanities, the most humanistic of the sciences”


Our Anthropology student placements in Africa and India are a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture entirely new to you. Whether you focus on;

You can put your studies to use as you learn and understand the key issues and events that shaped the community’s way of life.

Through this hands-on experience you can expect to visit local communities and spend time with families in rural villages and townships. You will be introduced to structures and see and experience life on the ground. You will be able to ask questions with local partners and listen to different ways of approaching some key themes.

You will gain valuable and a very powerful insight into Anthropology themes such as;

Vocational Impact has helped Anthropology students travel to Africa and India to fulfil their education and research ambitions, with many students conducting primary research with our project partners. We have worked with Anthropology students from UCL, Maastricht University and St Andrews.


“I studied Anthropology and Geography at UCL– and the reason I had chosen to do it was because I wanted to find out more about the world and about people; the different ways that people live, choose to live their lives, the way that they react to their environment is really interesting. And I realised I didn’t have any first-hand experience. You learn about these things in theory, but it’s priceless to go somewhere and talk to people about what they do day to day and to be there”

Katherine, Ghana, UCL Graduate


“Working with the women of Bobbi Bear made me want to do similar work and ignited my interest in child protection. It definitely shaped my academic choices and my career aspirations. I now work in a large charity, working in the fundraising and development department.”

Jennifer, South Africa, St Andrews Graduate



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