Online Highlights

Be a part of an award winning charity team and support the development of their international aid work.
Gain valuable work experience to enhance your career development by gaining practical skills to add to your CV/resume.
Design your own placement internship goals, and apply your experience and degree knowledge to a real situation in a working environment.
Able to try out new things and learn about your passions and interests, to help focus your career development.


Vocational Impact’s success is very closely linked to our ability to offer internships and remote internship programmes. This means you do not need to travel to benefit from the years of experience we have helping students, graduates and professionals add to their career portfolios.

There is so much to explore and learn, and you can now do this from the comfort of your own home with the Vocational Impact online internship programmes. All our programmes can be adapted and tailored to form an online experience. Ask us about how we make this happen today!


Vocational Impact is a part of the international charity, Arms Around the Child and for the previous decade they have helped communities around the world reach sustainability targets as well as expand their projects and outreach programmes. From women’s empowerment in the slums in India, to rescuing children from trafficking in the Ghanian fishing trade.

Vocational Impact have worked with thousands of students, graduates and professionals working on key projects to achieve great things in core areas such as, psychology and mental health, community development, education and development. With innovative ideas and award winning ethics, this is an opportunity to give back, and be a part of innovative


Management team – You will work side-by-side with the management team, learning directly from them and will report into the Director. Your manager will guide you and advise you on your project and set you appropriate tasks. 

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