The Vocational Impact application process has been designed to offer equal opportunities to all that apply for one of our volunteer abroad programmes. 

We seek to ensure that no volunteer applicant is discriminated against, either directly or indirectly on such grounds as sex or sexuality, colour, creed, ethnic or national origin, disability, age, marital status, trade union activity, responsibility for dependants, political or religious beliefs.

We will endeavour to ensure that all actions and decisions affecting volunteer applicants are made on fair, objective grounds without personal prejudices or discrimination.


  1. We have a rigorous selection process. Those wishing to participate in a Vocational Impact volunteer programme need to first complete our online enquiry form, where we require students to select the specific programme they would like to apply for and combine with their degree or career development goals.  

  2. Once this is completed the applicant will be sent further information, and be invited to have an interview where a member of the Vocational Impact team will discuss the applicants skills, motivations & expectations, to then be able to recommend the best programme for them and offer any variations. 

  3. After the interview, Vocational Impact will decide if the applicant is suited for our programmes based on their interview. You maybe asked to provide an up-to-date CV/resume. 

  4. We will then match the applicant to a relevant NGO which has highlighted to Vocational Impact their specific needs, and that the applicant can fulfil. 

  5. Once a student has passed our selection process, we send them a welcome pack with all the necessary information regarding their programme and how to confirm their spot. We are led by the NGO partners we work with and their needs. Students have to send a detailed cover letter and indicate what relevant experience they have. 

  6. We have a very stringent interview process to understand the mental health, and preparedness of each student volunteer, as well as pre-departure support, in-country and aftercare. We pride ourselves in the close relationships we build with each student. We have FB Groups of past students that have participated, and they can ask this network any questions they may have. We also encourage students to talk to their peers about their experience, and we receive the most applications through word-of-mouth. 

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