Sports Coaching and Development - Ghana

Our Sports Development placement will enable students to play a vital role in teaching youth the importance of maintaining active and healthy lifestyles, while building skills in teamwork and sportsmanship.

To be an effective sports coach abroad, you’ll be encouraged to be inventive with your lesson plans, teaching new skills, and organising tournaments for the children.

This opportunity it’s a mix of rural and inner city projects and it’s available for sports groups.

We have a wide range of rewarding sports coaching opportunities available in Ghana. You will work with local teams, clubs and schools to develop the sport, skills and the players you will be working closely with.


Ghana’s number one passion. Every child grows up playing it anywhere and everywhere they can. Because of this we are using football as a tool to help improve the lives of disadvantaged children and create better opportunities in the communities that we work with. We work with an academy of elite players aged 13- 18, these boys are working hard to make it as professional players either in Ghana or abroad and are currently playing in one of Ghana’s best divisions.


One of the most played and watched sports in Ghana with its popularity and participation still growing across the country. This is a fantastic opportunity for any athlete or coach to get involved with a growing sport with many talented young players to coach to victory. You’ll be working in local schools and community clubs to help develop Basketball at a grassroots level in Ghana.


You’ll work closely with the Ghana Hockey Association to help promote, develop and coordinate hockey in Accra. With Ghana Men’s national team currently ranked 36th in the world and Ghana Women ranked 32 in the world there is an increasing interest and participation rate in the sport, especially amongst young girls and boys wanting to learn more about the sport.


Still a developing sport in Ghana although the introduction to the sport in schools, colleges and universities across Ghana has seen a huge rise in female participation in sports and created a pathway for interested students to make an impact through their coaching experience. You’ll be primarily working in schools with girls and boys during their sports lessons.


Although it’s still a grassroots sport in Ghana there is a huge amount of talent and passion for the sport. You will help to structure coaching sessions and help us to initiate positive and lasting change for individuals and communities using the universal power and simplicity of team sport.


“I would highly recommend to anyone looking for volunteer work to go. I really enjoyed my time which I spent with Jordan, King and everyone in the volunteer house. I spent my time in Accra helping coach an Academy and the under 13 community team. It was a really eye opening experience which I will always look back on.”

Dan, Football coaching

”I have been to Ghana twice, both times I went for 6 week placements. The placement was massively influential in me achieving my merit in my PG Certificate because of how different it is and the actual experiences I was able to extract from that.  As a part of my qualification we had to be actively involved in coaching and my block placement in Ghana working was mine. Where I did well over 150 hours worth of placement in the 6 week period. Coaching for 4/5 hours per day and planning my sessions in the evening.”

Rob, Sports Business Management, Leeds Beckett University

Two-Week Training Programme Overview
This can be developed and repeated if the volunteer is staying longer. We encourage volunteers to bring their own ideas and use this as a starting point to work with the children on their own training programmes and training. You will be working with a broad age range, from 4- 18. There are established football teams for Under 13, 15 and 17.

Schedule and Football Programme Overview
Under 13
Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
Wednesday 4pm – 6pm
Thursday 4pm – 6pm
Saturday / Sunday Friendly/League matches

Under 15
Tuesday 4pm – 6pm
Wednesday 4pm – 6pm
Thursday 4pm – 6pm
Saturday / Sunday Friendly/League matches

Under 17
Tuesday 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday 6pm – 8pm
Thursday 6pm – 8pm
Saturday / Sunday Friendly/League matches
✔︎ Accommodation - You will stay in a local-standard shared volunteer house
✔︎ Meals - You will eat local standard Ghanaian food.
✔︎ 30 + hours of interactive cross-cultural training and practice
✔︎ Certificate of Learning - proof this is not a holiday!
✔︎ Support - we got you!
✔︎ Transportation - Airport drop off and collection. Plus all placement related transport (to and from partner NGOs)
✔︎ Experience of a lifetime - no exaggeration!
✔︎ Vocational Impact International Development donation
Costs involved ** From £54 per day **

This is a self-funded experience. Vocational Impact are a fundraising organisation encouraging sustainable international development with all of our project partners. Therefore you will pay an all-inclusive fee, which will include a donation.
✗ Flights
✗ Tourist Visa
✗ Travel Insurance
✗ Spending Money
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