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- International Development

The International Development Placement offer you the opportunity to examine the central issues facing developing countries in today’s globalised world and to learn practical skills that will enable you to work in business, social enterprise and NGOs in the future.

The International Development placements not only addresses the theories of development, but actively examines how development works practically in the field in developing and developed countries.

You will be able to analyse in detail how development projects are designed, implemented and managed.

This placement enables the learning of participatory approaches to development that are designed to mobilise people to actively take part in their own development.

It equips the students with the understanding of the role that NGOs can play in promoting social and economic progress.


“My time spent at Nkosi’s Haven was a true learning experience. I worked closely with the director, Gail Johnson who spent time creating tasks and projects for me. I felt this experience was very beneficial to my future, as I would like to work in a charity after university.”

Read the full story here ⇒ Satara, International Development student, Portsmouth University


** From £65 per day **

This is a self-funded experience. Vocational Impact are a fundraising organisation encouraging sustainable international development with all of our project partners. Therefore you will pay an all-inclusive fee, which will include a donation.
✔︎ Accommodation - You will stay in a shared, fully- equipped volunteer cottage

✔︎ Meals - You will eat with the residents and experience local South Africa food.

✔︎ 30 + hours of interactive cross-cultural training and practice

✔︎ Certificate of Learning - proof this is not a holiday!

✔︎ Support - we got you!

✔︎ Transportation - Airport drop off and collection. Plus all placement related transport (to and from partner NGOs)

✔︎ Experience of a lifetime - no exaggeration!

✔︎ Vocational Impact International Development donation
✗ Flights

✗ Tourist Visa

✗ Travel Insurance

✗ Spending Money
Day starts at 7:00 A.M with Breakfast in the Dining Hall.
(Older children attend school)
Free Time until 8:30 A.M
The main aim for an international development student is to be a behind the scenes help in the office. Working alongside Gail, the Director and founder of the charity. She needs help with daily admin tasks especially with gaining and keeping up with donors.
If you want to get out of the office for a portion of your day they are always looking for help in the child care centre. Spending one on one time with some of the youngest residents on the property.
They have limited resources and volunteers are encouraged to be a part of the community in which these children are being raised.
Play Time = Unlock their imagination with new games
Education = Help advance their education with lessons
Painting Therapy = Come up with workshops to help with children’s understanding of social integration, emotions and behavioural issues

Another opportunity you could experience is the on-sight medical ward. This is where the residents get their medical needs met. If it's in their daily medicines for HIV or more mental with dealing with the emotional impact from receiving their diagnosis to possibly dealing with a loss.
You can get a true insight into all the running of a charity such as Nkosi’s Haven, with the social workers, medical staff, the Director and the Day care.
Some days you will be able to go on excursions, this could include going to Teddy Bear Clinic or into Soweto to visit Mom Carol and her team in the field.
Could even arrange to go to local shopping centre
Finished at 4 P.M everyday

Dinner is at 5:30/6 P.M
From 4 P.M you will have free time. You can spend this in the volunteer’s cottage or you could get involved with the community. The children are home from school from 2 P.M and after they are finished with homework they are often hanging around.
During this time you could:
Help run the library or run activities (such as playing sports or dance)
Mentorship Programme = you could take a child or mother under your wing, whether they need help with Job applications, University applications, extra help with school or just emotional support.

If Nkosi’s Haven could compromise a list of children that could benefit from mentors it could be a really valuable experience for both the children and the volunteers. If the child is struggling in school and needs help with homework or is undecided in a career path (stuck with what they want to do). They might gain enthusiasm and love from 1-1 attention from the volunteers.

During the first couple of days that the volunteer is at the project they should really delve deeper in HIV/AIDs and the Nkosi’s Haven project to gain a real understanding. This can be done by:
Talking to Professionals on-site such as; The Nurses, the psychologist, the social worker and even Gail herself.
It can also be done by sitting down and talking to residents and other staff members.

You will work directly with the director and understand the key operations from the inside of an international NGO, on the front line of HIV/AIDS care.

You will learn NGO approaches to development such as Advocacy and Networking, Project Evaluation and Impact Assessments.

You will develop an understanding of the political and economical influences on an international NGO.

You will raise awareness by increasing Nkosi’s Haven profile and spreading the messages, work, development and successes. This will give you valuable experience in building and implementing marketing and fundraising campaigns and build valuable relationships to enhance their network of funders.

You will develop your content management skills to create donor campaigns and promote messages throughout target networks and communities.
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