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Humanities and Social Science

Humanities and Social Science

We have something for everyone, we do not want to rule out anyone that has a passion for experiencing the world, learning from it’s cultures, and diversity. We have placements for all students, and have developed an amazing array of placements suitable for humanities and social science students. It maybe be you want to research for your dissertation, or simply apply your academic research on the ground. We also work with MA students who are looking to specialise.

We can help place you if you are studying one of the following;


“When I first started looking for a volunteering project as part of my studies in Psychology and Law, I was unsure of what to do but when I came across Vocational Impact, I immediately knew it was the right opportunity for me. The plan was initially to go for three to six months, I would happily have stayed longer, as the weeks flew by during my stay.” Viola



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