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Criminology and Law - Durban

This is a unique work-experience opportunity for current university students, graduates and masters students studying Criminology and Law. Placements are also available for professionals already working in the area of Criminology & Law. 

85% of students completing the Criminology and Law placement, saying it helped them with practical employability skills. 

We have helped university students conduct research and we welcome Criminology and Law students and their tutors to get in touch to ask about themes to explore and topics to research.

Criminology topics that can be applied


During your stay you’ll be able to apply your research methodologies, gather insights and understand how people’s way of life has developed in South Africa. In addition, you will deal with everyday cases that come in, as well as follow up with closed cases and community outreach programmes. where you’ll be involved as a supporting member of the team.

This is a great opportunity for work-experience for current university students, graduates and masters students studying Criminology and Law.


“Gaining valuable Criminology related work-experience gave me the practical experience I needed to apply for Criminology graduate jobs. I 100% think my work experience in South Africa put me above my competitors and secured my first job.” 

Hazel, Bournemouth University, Criminology  ⇒ WATCH FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW ⇐


 “The Criminology Placement in South Africa was a great experience for me and getting to practice what I’m studying, Criminology. Going to court and working alongside the police was great, and taught me so much about the South African criminal justice system.”

Kayleigh, UWE, Criminology & Psychology  ⇒ WATCH FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW ⇐


“I volunteered for three months during my university summer holidays. I was studying Criminology and Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, where I now tutor Criminology students, helping them with research and career progression, volunteer placements and study abroad experiences”

Kiki, Rotterdam, Criminology and Law ⇒ READ FULL TESTIMONIAL ⇐


Watch Criminology Student from Bournemouth University talk about the South Africa legal system she witnessed on her Criminology and Law Placement

Go to emergency call-outs and support the Operation Bobbi Bear Child Safety Officers (CSOs) throughout the abuse cases that come in during your programme.
Visit local police stations, hospitals and the High Court to assist with trauma recovery and support victims throughout the process.
Be closely involved with the rescued children when they come to the rescue centre, and/or support on site where the case is attended to on location, this will include comforting them, counselling them and loving them, using your experience and knowable working in this field.
During your stay you will shadow the Bobbi Bear staff and support where needed. You will give guidance, listen and learn about the different cultures and policies within them.
You will gain insight and experience the social welfare system of South Africa
You will participate in lectures at rural schools to raise awareness about sensitive issues such as HIV/AIDS, sexual abuse and sex education through the use of the ‘Edu-Toy’
Attend ‘The Tree’ clinic and help develop outreach programmes that bring rural communities together to share stores and empower women and children.
You will learn about the ‘Bobbi Bear bear’ a toy used to support the case building from first contact to prosecution.
Costs involved ** From £56 per day **

This is a self-funded experience. Vocational Impact are a fundraising nonprofit organisation encouraging sustainable international development with all of our project partners. Therefore you will pay an all-inclusive fee, which will include a direct donation to the charity you volunteer with.
✔︎ Accommodation - You will stay in shared, fully- equipped volunteer accommodation

✔︎ 30 + hours of interactive cross-cultural training and practice

✔︎ Certificate of Learning - proof this is not a holiday!

✔︎ Support - we got you!

✔︎ Transportation - Airport drop off and collection. Plus all placement related transport (to and from partner NGOs)

✔︎ Experience of a lifetime - no exaggeration!

✔︎ Vocational Impact International Development donation
✗ Flights

✗ Tourist Visa

✗ Travel Insurance

✗ Spending Money

✗ Food
We want you to have the experience of a lifetime. You are a VIP after all.
Although this is not a holiday but an opportunity to invest into an amazing charity working with some of South Africa’s most vulnerable children, we want you to have the full South Africa experience. That is why we can arrange extra trips for you during your stay at Bobbi Bear. These can be arranged once in S.A. with the team at Bobbi Bear, or before through your support officer.

Cooking an authentic African meal
Zulu home visit
Church visit
Fishing trip
Beach trip
Farm visit
Sky diving
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