Business Internship Placement

Business & NGO Management - Johannesburg

This placement offers you the opportunity to examine the central issues facing developing countries in today’s globalised world and to learn practical skills that will enable you to work in business, social enterprise and NGOs.

Your placement will address the theories of business development, but actively examines how business development works practically in the field working at and with a Vocational Impact project partner.

You will be able to analyse in detail how business projects and models are designed, implemented and managed and make a real impact.

The placement is designed to mobilise people to actively take part in their own project and interests and relate these to a practical and real-life environment. The business & NGO placement equips the volunteer with the understanding of the role that NGOs can play in promoting social and economic progress.

The Project 

You will stay within the project ‘village’ which is made up of 20 small cottages, where the residents and staff reside. The project is located just outside the city centre, and you will be accompanied by a member of staff whenever you leave the premises, unless you have arranged for a sign-off organised trip. 

You will be based at the project full-time and arrange excursions in your ‘free time’ which can be arranged with your in-country team. You will be working Monday – Friday, but you can have weekends off to explore this beautiful country. The longer you go for, the more you can explore.

South Africa, Johannesburg


International volunteers are housed together in one cottage at the project ‘Village’. The cottage is equipped with a refrigerator, television & DVD player, microwave & toaster. 

There are two bathrooms; one shower and 1 bath tub and you will have a shared living room. 

There are two bedrooms (which can be either mixed or single sex) with cupboards for clothing and personal belongings. Valuables may be kept in a safe in the office depending on size.

Most household items such as cleaning materials, toiletries and the like are provided by the project. Any further supplies may be purchased at your own discretion at a nearby shopping centre.

Laundry services are provided once a week for volunteers in the Village laundromat but we ask that all undergarments be hand washed within the cottage. 



Management team – Based at the project, you will be welcomed and introduced to the project and staff through your on the ground manager. They will be an active member of the project team, and will help you settle in and get you started. You can rely on your in-country manager to help you with trips and any problems you may have 24/7.

Catering – You will eat with the residents of the project. There is a full time team of caterers preparing over 300 meals per day. This will be basic South Africa cuisine. Please inform us of any dietary requirements before your departure.

Security- Monitoring of the village 24/7 for your peace of mind

Transport – All placement related transport will be provided. All transport between project and affiliate project will be included. All excursions you plan, you will need to arrange and cover the cost of and are not included.


> Being able to sit in the main office of an internationally known charity

> Got to help with the funding aspects and processes 

> Meeting and researching new prospective donors

> Preparing for world AIDS day and events with corporate partners 

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