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Business, Marketing and NGO Management

Business, Marketing and NGO Management

The Business, Marketing and NGO Management Placement offer you the opportunity to examine the central issues facing developing countries in today’s globalised world and to learn practical skills that will enable you to work in business, social enterprise and NGOs in the future.

The Business, Marketing and NGO Management placement not only addresses the theories of development, but actively examines how development works practically in the field in developing and developed countries.

You will be able to analyse in detail how development projects are designed, implemented and managed.

This placement enables the learning of participatory approaches to development that are designed to mobilise people to actively take part in their own development.

It equips the students with the understanding of the role that NGOs can play in promoting social and economic progress.


“I was pretty clear on what I wanted to do, I said ‘I have this fundraising experience, and with your permission, I’d like to help you with whatever fundraising programmes you have, or if you don’t have any we can talk about starting one up’. So I just sort of arrived, and with very little structure, helped Gail create a direct mail campaign to their existing donors. We also built something called Nkosi’s Angels, which is a programme for people to give at a moderate level and become Angels…it’s up to you to really take initiative and create whatever you want to create.”




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