Creative Arts

Creative Arts

Why the creative arts placement is right for you

Our placements are suitable for graduates, students and professionals who want to gain extra work experience or career enhancing skills. We offer a range of opportunities that you can apply to your creative arts, music, drama and photography related ambitions. 

Whether you are an amateur just starting out, an art student, or professional, our placements are designed to give you an exciting way to improve your skills, find new content and exchange cultural experiences through your art form. 

Placement focus 



The VIP Experience

We will tailor the placement focus around your needs and subject area, whether you’re interested in making a film, performing short plays or gathering a series of focused photographs, we have you covered. We will guide you through each step and make you feel like a VIP through the whole journey. 


Creative Arts India

“We created a brief before we travelled, which Vocational Impact helped plan with us. We worked with some amazing people, and had access to locations that we wouldn’t have had had we not travelled with a local guide.”

What you can expect 

✔︎ Accommodation – You will stay with a local host.

✔ Meals – You will eat with your host and local residents and experience authentic food. 

✔︎ 30 + hours of interactive cross-cultural training and practice

✔ Certificate of Learning – proof this is not a holiday!

✔︎ 24/7 Support – We got you from the minute you commit, all the way through to completion. 

✔ Transportation – Airport drop off and collection. Plus all placement related transport (to and from partner NGOs and projects) 

✔ Experience of a lifetime – no exaggeration!

✔︎ Vocational Impact international development donation

✔︎ Weekends off for travel opportunities 

Full support details here…


Creative Arts Development 3

“I did my sandwich year with Vocational Impact as part of my film/photography degree, I travelled to India and made a series of short documentaries of the lives of some of the children we met.”

Where do I start 

Complete the below enquiry form, and we will send you tailored information and guide you through the application process. We will then arrange to speak with you so we can answer any last questions, and then it’s up to you to make the final decision and commit. We know it is a HUGE decision, but we are here for you every step of the way.



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