A Psychology & Mental Health Volunteer’s Experience in Ghana

“International volunteering gives you cross-cultural experiences and understandings of your subject field – learning and applying your psych knowledge outside the classroom whilst having an amazing international travel experience – why wouldn’t you want to go?!”

Why Volunteering Abroad Isn’t Free

Volunteer Abroad Free 2023

WHY VOLUNTEERING ABROAD ISN’T FREE? “I thought volunteering abroad would be free. Why do you charge for your volunteer abroad programmes? Where does the money go?” Why volunteering abroad isn’t free. Breakdown of where your money goes How we distribute and invest your fee What’s included in your fee Our partner projects – who they […]

Volunteer Abroad Packing Essentials

volunteer packing guide Ghana

Volunteer Packing Essentials One of the questions at the front of everyone’s mind as they get ready to volunteer abroad and begin their work experience volunteer placement is “what do I pack?” If this is your first time volunteering, or taking a career break abroad this can be an especially daunting task. To help get […]

Volunteer Travel Guide Ghana

Volunteer Travel Guide Ghana 2022

Ghana Travel Guide for Volunteers A trip to Ghana will give you the chance to enjoy a vast array of activities, from museums and busy capitals to award winning beaches, national parks brimming with life and historical forts where you can bear witness to one of the tragic events that have shaken our very concept […]

Nurse Electives for Medical Students

Nurse Electives for Medical Students

Nurse Electives for Medical Students in Africa We’re committed to making sure we’re doing good medical work at each of our sites.  We chatted with one of our medical volunteers, Rosie, who has volunteered three times with us in Ghana as part of our medical elective in Africa. We cover, Common health problems in rural areas, […]

Mental Health in Ghana

Mental Health in Ghana

Mental Health in Ghana “It is estimated that of the 21.6 million people living in Ghana, 650,000 are suffering from a severe mental disorder and a further 2,166,000 are suffering from a moderate to mild mental disorder” and the treatment gap is “98% of the total population expected to have a mental disorder”. Many Ghanaians […]

Nurse Electives in Africa, Expand Your Medical Career

Nurse Elective Tips Advice

Nurse Electives in Africa We share some tips and advice on nurse electives from two student nurses from Leeds University. Helena and Ceci talk and share their feedback and reviews about their international nurse elective abroad in Ghana. They talk about the cultural differences, especially around time-keeping, affectionately known as ‘Ghana-Time’.  They were so happy […]

How Has Volunteering Abroad Changed After Covid

How Has Volunteering Abroad Changed After Covid

How Has Volunteering Abroad Changed Since Covid Like many volunteer abroad organisations, the global 2020 pandemic hit hard. Our partner projects suffered the loss of income from volunteers that Vocational Impact has been sending for many years, which then impacted their budgets and ability to run.  The whole world ground to a halt from March […]

Anthropology Graduate Volunteers In Ghana

FI_Anthropology Humanities Degree Research

Anthropology graduate student talks about her volunteer abroad programme in Ghana for her university degree research. Everyone we met was so welcoming and friendly, eager and interested. The perfect opportunity to find out about people, the way they live, talk and understand different lives Helps you understand and appreciate your support and the resources you […]

Student Nurse Elective in Ghana

Medical Electives

Student Nurse Electives in Ghana Africa Student Nurse Electives in Ghana Africa are an amazing way to experience another cultural perspective on healthcare and gain valuable insight into language, and practices around the world.  We spoke to student Nia, a student nurse at the University of Leeds who has just returned from spending two weeks […]