Why Uni is the Best Time to Travel

by Evelyn Medai|Oct 31 2017|Travel Advice
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If you ask a university student what they’d like to do if they had all the time and money in the world, there’s a good chance they’d say travel.

But as a student, there always seems to be a reason why it’s not the right time to travel: it’s too expensive, university is time consuming, the list goes on and on. But in reality, being a student is the absolute best time to travel!

Let us give you a few reasons why.

This is likely the least responsibility you’ll have for a while

Think about it. Many of the responsibilities of adult life that prevent people from travelling have not hit you yet.

You don’t have the pressures and commitment of a full-time job, there’s no mortgage payment to keep up on, and you likely don’t have children to take care of.

Students also have summer holidays, offering the optimal time to travel without having to worry about your boss being angry at you for taking two months off of work. Take advantage of your summer breaks while you can!

It’s easy to travel cheap

Young travellers are notorious for being able to keep costs down while travelling. Hostels are full of other young, adventurous travellers and are significantly cheaper than traditional hotels.

You’re also likely to make friends, especially if you participate in any of the great events they put on! The rise of AirBnB has also made it easy to find cheap, comfortable accommodations nearly anywhere in the world. When you’re out and about exploring, it’s always easy to find cheap and delicious street food. Additionally, many museums and major attractions have student discounts!

Moreover, there are often grants or scholarships offered through universities to help fund travel if it is for an educational purpose, such as studying abroad, working abroad, or volunteering abroad.

There’s always a reason to celebrate

You passed the class you swore you weren’t going to. You won a prestigious award on campus. You finished your dissertation. You graduated! Your university experience is full of milestones, ones that you’ll likely remember for the rest of your life.

Reward yourself for all your hard work, gather up your closest friends, and plan a trip to celebrate all your accomplishments. You deserve it!

There are loads of way to integrate travelling into your coursework

There are countless opportunities to travel that directly relate to the work you’re doing in university. One of the most obvious ways is to participate in an exchange programme and spend a term or even a full year in a different country, taking classes and learning about the culture of a new place.

There are also opportunities to participate in internships or work abroad. There are many companies out there that provide services for this, so get online and do your research! Finally, you can volunteer abroad.

Volunteering abroad is an incredibly rewarding, impactful experience that allows you to get fully immersed in a culture while also giving back to a meaningful cause. If you find the right programme, you can put the skills your learning in the classroom to work and get hands-on experience with your coursework. For example, Vocational Impact offers volunteer opportunities for psychology and law students in South Africa, sports and medical electives in Ghana, and fine arts, photography and film in India.

Volunteering abroad is a unique experience that allows you to develop personal and professional skills, and can even help your resume stand out after university!

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