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by Vocational Impact|Oct 25 2021|Blog
Sustainability - Vocational Impact

We all have this dilemma; how do we respect the planet, and see the world? We take sustainable travel seriously at Vocational Impact, and one of the ways we do this is to offset your flights. Take a look at our Sustainability Statement to find out more.  

But there are other ways to travel sustainably. Here are some ideas…

Beat The Cloud- Leave your phone behind

But really though? Yes really. When you stop to consider that cloud storage is set to overtake aviation as a source of greenhouse gas emissions, along with the fact that using phones abroad normally increases cloud usage and storage due to increased photo-taking and sharing, it’s worth asking whether you could travel without it. If the answer is definitely no, at least switch off your apps to minimise downloads and charging needs.

Sustainable Packing – Rethink What You Take 

Yes, we are talking about shopping for a new wardrobe before you travel. This is a big no no. In the UK, around 300,000 tonnes of clothing is sent to landfill each year despite growing awareness about the negative impacts of throwaway fashion. Many of these items are holiday wear, bought on a whim and discarded, sometimes unworn, after the holiday is over. If you must have new items for your trip, choose basics that will last forever. We highly recommend brands like Rapanui, Passenger, and Patagonia, who’s swimwear is made from recycled plastics or fishing nets and go some way towards systemic solutions to plastic pollution. 

Pack Light 

Each extra kilo requires extra fuel and, as global temperatures rise, the amount of fuel required for each take-off is increasing too, due to the higher minimum speed required for planes to get off the ground when it’s hotter.

Examine Your Wash Bag 

Avoid buying mini versions when you travel. Instead, decant from bigger bottles you already have into small ones that can be reused. When it comes to choosing toiletries, chemical-free or organic are the way to go. The chemicals from sun cream are known to damage coral reefs so look for reef-friendly options. 

Offset Flights

​​Tot up your emissions using an online carbon calculator and Vocational Impact will pay a company to counterbalance your climate pollution by investing in a project elsewhere. All our projects are verifiable, traceable and permanent. Fly non-stop and you’ll minimise the excess emissions caused by landing and take- off. In addition, using public transport in-country and embracing slow travel will help you engage more while keeping your carbon footprint down. 

Find out more about what Vocational Impact do here

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