So, What Did You Do This Summer?

by Evelyn Medai|Mar 26 2018|Volunteer Advice
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“So what did you do this summer?” It’s the first question you were always asked when school started again. Friends, teachers, the new girl who sat next to you in class … everyone wanted to know how you spent those wonderful months away from homework, exams, and embarrassing (at least in my case) attempts to play team sports. Whether you spent your days riding your bike to the neighborhood park, took a holiday to the beach, or made some extra money at a part-time job, you shared your stories with all your friends and tried to make it seem like you had the most exciting summer possible. And of course, we all too well remember the one friend who always had an AMAZING break. One year they were zip lining through the Amazon Rainforest, the next they were snagging tickets to the Summer Olympics, and we were all very jealous of their fantastic summer adventures. And just a note, if those were your summers, I am still quite jealous.

It may have been a while since your school days, but we all still feel that itch to get away in the summer. But now that you’re in university, you want to do something that’s relevant to your studies and can help your future career. But why does that mean you can’t have that amazing summer you always dreamed of as a kid?

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Volunteering abroad is the perfect combination of developing your professional skills and getting to explore a beautiful, unique part of the world. You can develop your nursing skills in Ghana, lend your artistic talents to India, or build your marketing profile in South Africa. Being able to use your unique skillset to give back to others is so incredibly rewarding, and the bonds you form with the people you work with will stay with you for a lifetime. Working with children living in adversity gives you a completely new perspective on the skills you are developing in school and may even help you learn what you want to do afterwards.


While the work you’re doing is incredibly important during your time volunteering abroad, there are other elements that make this such a unique experience. While you’re abroad, you get completely immersed in a new culture. You live, eat, and work with members of the local community. You get to hear stories and connect with people who have lived lives completely different from your own. You’ll have the chance to be a part of customs and traditions most tourists don’t get to see. You’ll also have time to explore the area away from your volunteer programme. From walking across the tree tops in Ghana to going on a South African safari, there’s plenty of time to get to see all the sights!

Volunteer Invest What Did You Do This Summer

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