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by Vocational Impact|Jan 15 2017|Travel Advice
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Safety is obviously one of the greatest concerns for travellers (and often an even greater concern for their parents). Safety is an important thing to consider when travelling, especially internationally, and should not be taken lightly. But this doesn’t mean that worries about safety should keep you from going anywhere you want, only that you should do a little research about safety measures for wherever you’re travelling. And we wanted to make that a little easier for our volunteers! So whether you’re going to South Africa, Ghana, or India, we put together some quick tips for you to stay safe on your trip (and feel free to forward this to your parents when they call you for the hundredth time to tell you to make sure you’re being safe).

South Africa- Safety

South Africa- Safety

South Africa 

South Africa has a bit of a reputation for not being the safest travel destination. While South Africa does have a high crime rate, the risk of violent crime to travellers is generally low. That being said, it’s still important to keep in mind the following safety tips:

While travelling, it’s also important to know the emergency numbers of the area you’re in. For South Africa, those are:

For more detailed safety tips, check out the tips the UK government gives to travellers heading to South Africa

Safety- Ghana

Safety- Ghana


Ghana is a developing country that has vastly improved safety over the past several years, and is known as being one of the most stable and friendly countries in West Africa. In fact, in 2010, they created a special unit of the Ghana Police Service to focus on safety for tourists. They focus on areas frequented by tourists, including beaches, highways, airports, public parks, and markets. However, travellers still need to take certain precautions while in Ghana:

The emergency numbers in Ghana are as follows:

Safety advice from the UK government for Ghana visitors can be found here.

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India is a popular tourist destination, especially in larger cities. Travel tips are similar to other countries, generally involving keeping your wits about you. However, recent terrorist attacks should increase awareness in major tourist areas in big cities. General tips for travelling are as follows:

Emergency numbers in India are below:

For more detailed safety advice from the UK government, click here.

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