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One of our past volunteers, Kora, spent six weeks volunteering in South Africa as part of her Masters in Public Health. Read all about her experience below and how it contributed to her finding her purpose as a lawyer. 

What did your volunteering work consist of?
My volunteering consisted of work at the drop-in centre, where sexually abused children came together, and I mainly provided play time and support to them.

I also provided court support for children and families going through the court system in relation to sexual abuse cases. I also worked at community outreach programme, The Tree, where community members would gather under a tree for visits and receive donations and support. A place with no walls, and everyone is welcome. A place for the community to share their worries and concerns, and seek help and crucial donations. 

What were your expectations before starting? Did these match up to your experience when you finished?
My expectation before starting was that I wanted to learn more in the area of sexual abuse, as much of my Masters of Public Health research at the time was in sexual violence against women and children.

My expectations were certainly met and I learned a lot more about abuse, why it happens and the system in South Africa for prosecuting abusers.

How do you feel the experience changed you (assuming it did)? Was there any career benefits for you?

Yes it did change me. I have since become a lawyer and a lot of it I attribute to my experience in South Africa with Vocational Impact.

I have worked in family violence law and other areas of human rights law. I have a few experiences which led me to be a lawyer, and this was definitely one of them.

In your opinion, should people volunteer

I definitely think people should volunteer with Vocational Impact. There are many ways to volunteer and give back, and Vocational Impact work in such a unique way, always putting the project first and matching graduates and professionals to the project.

If going overseas isn’t for you, you can volunteer with Vocational Impact from the UK , or your home country, fundraise or just raise awareness. You can also work with local projects to you, and Vocational Impact offer a career development service, which is really helpful. 

If you want a front line experience, then volunteering with Vocational Impact will be a really good learning experience for you. It opens your eyes to a lot of things that you may not have been aware that the human race was even capable of.  It also gives you perspective and an advantage over your peers, showing that you were able to commit and complete a volunteer trip abroad. 

Can you name the 3 most impactful moments your volunteering experience provided you?

Would you like to Volunteer with us or know more?

You can read more about our volunteering programmes in South Africa here. Furthermore, you can find out more about Vocational Impact here.

Questions? Would you like to participate? That’s great – feel free to email us or call/whatsapp us on: +44 (0) 7704 129 816

Alternatively, complete an application to begin the process of volunteering, and we’ll be in touch with more details!

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