Photography and Film Student Travels to India | Part 2

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Photography Student in India, Volunteer aboard

Photography Student, India, Volunteer Abroad


This was were I started to focus on my filming task set by my university placement coordinator. I was asked to write a brief and interview two children; a boy and a girl about their journey of coming to the children’s home. With the help from a member of staff I interviewed a boy from the home, Shubham. It was interesting to get to know about his goals and the whole reason he came to the home. This lasted about two hours and Shubham was very comfortable with us filming him and he seemed happy to tell his story.

I continue to conduct my interviews the following day, and this time I interviewed someone from the girl’s home. I wanted to hear how she ended up in the home and what advice she could give to people in her situation. The interview went really well with help from a member of staff who translated my questions into Hindu. I found it very interesting to understand more about what the girl went through and also how positive she is. This interview lasted about an hour and a half.

I really enjoyed this day and found it very rewarding.


In the morning I taught the girls how to make pancakes which they thoroughly enjoyed. They seemed to be very happy when creating something as a team. Once I gave the children more leadership in the task of making the pancakes they seemed to enjoy it more. The responsibility helped engage the children. Another activity I did with both the girls and the boys was playing four songs and the task required them to draw how the song made them feel with their eyes closed. Each song that was chosen was to create certain feelings. Throughout this activity I noticed the way the songs made them feel represented a part of their personality.

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Throughout ever activity photographs were taken and overall the children did enjoy this and were happy to take a picture with their work. After I finished this activity with the girls I went to the boys home where I ate lunch and then did the same activity with the boys. The boys did engage more with this activity than the girls and enjoyed this task. However at first the older boys were reluctant to take part in this activity so it took some encouragement before they got stuck in. I noticed the boys were more focused when you gave them clear instructions and they would participate and become very creative. This was a good activity for the children to open up to their creativity.  

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My day started at the girl’s orphanage where I hosted a cooking lesson. I taught the children how to make rice and peas, so by following my instructions they began to start preparing for this dish. While this was happening another girl taught me how to make a dish involving potatoes. The children really enjoyed the cooking, focused and worked really well with each other. Not all the children were interested in cooking, however the ones that were, worked really hard. There was a girl who was taking pictures of everyone cooking and preparing the food.

I noticed the children really liked cooking and hardly needed supervision when involving them in this task. After the cooking was completed, we all ate together the food we had made. We then played some role-play games and then I worked in the office for the rest of my time at the home.

The following day I went straight to the boys home, it was such a cool day so in the morning we all played cricket. The boys take cricket very seriously and are very competitive with each other.

After we played cricket I gathered the children in a big group to play a game called ninja. Some of the members of staff took part in this activity as well. We played four games and the children really enjoyed this game, everyone was very focused throughout this activity.

After lunch I got a group of children together and we all participated in a drawing exercise. I notice that the children were very creative and enjoyed drawing a lot. There was a lot of talent and the children were better at drawing than I was. I also encouraged the children to create flowers and planes from paper.

I also introduced the girls to a game called ‘Pictionary’ where they were selected into two teams and had to guess what the other person was drawing without seeing the card. The children really enjoyed this game and expressed themselves very creatively. After this we played some badminton which was really enjoyable and then it was time for me to leave.

On my last day in Jaipur, I went to the girl’s home where I did some admin work and then played with the children. This was an enjoyable day and very sad as it was my last day with the children.


I have always been passionate about working with children, India helped reinforce my mindset of helping people for a living. India just gave me an experience that made me realise I was destined to help people and touch people’s soul the best way I can.

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