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by Vocational Impact|Mar 20 2019|Blog
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…..the dreaded JOB HUNT!!! 

Hello fellow job seekers, graduates and current students,

Are you looking for your next volunteer role or are you graduating and need to update your CV?

We have put together a few Top Tips that we think would help you hone your CV writing ability

When it comes to a CV there are no real rules and no such thing as a perfect CV, so don’t panic!

But if you want to make your CV stand out to employers follow these tips below…..


Your CV will be the first impression that the recruiter will have of you, so make it count.

How volunteering abroad can feed into your career development, by offering practical examples and showing your commitment and dedication to your university subject. Watch below. 

Lot’s of employers like to see your KEY SKILLS highlighted on your CV.

But don’t follow the crowd. Skills such as ‘good communication‘ and ‘organised’ can be quite boring for a recruiter to read. Try narrowing that skill, so instead of communication, you could be a ‘good public speaker‘. Or instead of ‘organised’ you can be an ‘active planner’.

It’s also a great idea to show these skills further with a quick example of how you are good at public speaking. Such as, “I have given a couple of talks on sexual health in a school in South Africa with children aged 11-14. It was important I captured their attention and provided them with accurate information on keeping themselves healthy”.

Here at Vocational Impact we work with thousands of university students to offer practical and career relevant work-experience.

We advise and offer guidance on getting career ready, and help you tailor your work-experience to your dream job.

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