Why Should I Pay to Volunteer?

by Sarah Harris|May 31 2017|FUNdraising
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So the conversation goes…….

“I heard about your travels and volunteering abroad project? That’s amazing. It sounds so rewarding and life changing. I would love to do this one day. I have always wanted to go to India and Africa!”

“How much is it costing you?” So you tell them how much the flights are, the visa, injections, insurance and the volunteer programme fees…

“You pay to volunteer? But you’re helping them out and not getting paid anything, yet you pay?”

Think about it like this: when you travel anywhere you have to pay for flights, accommodation, food, transportation, insurance and activities / excursions.

The volunteer fee; if you are choosing a trusted organisation like Vocational Impact goes towards the project you are supporting and volunteering with. It is well known in the industry that many organisations use the fee as a profit making initiative, but not Vocational Impact.

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Vocational Impact re-invest 100% of the fee, and we are a registered charity and not-for-profit. 

We invest the fees directly to help our project partners build a sustainable income, a regular and reliable revenue stream to help them become less reliant on international donations and help them develop business management skills.

Melissa told Vocational Impact, ‘both times I volunteered abroad the fee for the organisation covered the cost of my accommodation, food, in-country transport, 24-hour support, a local team member that’s always happy to help, and orientation to get to know the staff and learn more about the country. Plus, they tailor your volunteer placement based on your interests, university degree and passions. If you have any problems at all there is always a team of professionals and locals to turn to.’


This is a self-funded experience. Vocational Impact are a fundraising organisation encouraging sustainable international development with all of our project partners. Therefore you will pay an all-inclusive fee, which will include a donation.


✔︎ Accommodation – You will stay in a shared, fully- equipped volunteer cottage

✔︎ Meals – You will eat with the residents and experience local food.

✔︎ 30 + hours of interactive cross-cultural training and practice

✔︎ Certificate of Learning – proof this is not a holiday!

✔︎ Support – we got you!

✔︎ Transportation – Airport drop off and collection. Plus all placement related transport (to and from partner NGOs)

✔︎ Experience of a lifetime – no exaggeration!

✔︎ Vocational Impact International Development donation


✗ Flights

✗ Tourist Visa

✗ Travel Insurance

✗ Spending Money

Here’s the thing; you pay a programme fee but it covers all of these things that you would have to pay for, even if you just traveled independently and you have a team dedicated to supporting your ambitions. Get what we’re saying?  

Except there is an added bonus to travelling with meaning and purpose, you get to give back to the communities you volunteer in and invest in their future sustainable lives.

Dan says, don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware that there are some volunteer-abroad organisations out there that are highly overpriced or use this as an opportunity to make profit. You have to be cautious when choosing who to trust. What I recommend is doing some research before submitting any money. Carefully check what is actually included in the amount you are going to pay the organisation and take into consideration that you will also have to cover the cost of other things like flights and insurance. Personal contact with the team is great with Vocational Impact and they are always happy to answer all your questions, how ever many, how ever often.’

Don’t just listen to us, we have hundreds of happy student volunteers, who have shared their reasons with us; 

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Another bonus about using an organisation to volunteer abroad is that going to a foreign country could easily be overwhelming. It’s very comforting to have an organisation that is well-known around the world helping you out when you’re looking to make a difference abroad. 

Vocational Impact works with partner organisations in Ghana, India and South Africa. They all have on-the-ground 24 hour volunteer support and have been receiving volunteers for over a decade.

If you are on the fence about volunteering abroad please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our lovely team members who can share their experiences with you and advise you on the next steps.

Would you like to Volunteer with us or know more?

You can read more about Vocational Impact here.

Questions? Would you like to participate? That’s great – feel free to email us or call/whatsapp us on: +44 (0) 7704 129 816

Alternatively, complete an application to begin the process of volunteering, and we’ll be in touch with more details!

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