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by Vocational Impact|Oct 15 2018|Ghana
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So, you want to volunteer in Ghana? That’s great news! At Volunteer Invest, we offer several programmes in this beautiful country, including Social Work, Medicine, Teaching, Sport and Anthropology. Therefore, you can use your own special skills and knowledge to help the local community in a unique way!

During your time away, you’ll be helping the community of Senya-Beraku/Accra and really become a part of the local community. While all of this is very exciting, we know you’re probably feeling some mixed emotions; uncertainty and anxiety are common for people considering volunteering abroad, especially if it’s their first time. And that’s totally normal! You’re going off to a new country and new culture, it can be a bit overwhelming!

But we know from experience that it is well worth it. If you’re feeling a bit unsure, here’s what a few of our past volunteers had to say about their time in Ghana:

Luisa (Colombia):

“I’m a teacher right now in Colombia. I had just started working as a teacher; I started in February and I went to Ghana in July, so it was nice because it gave me a different perspective of some other classrooms and some other types of kids that we could teach. It was a very good experience; it was very challenging. Looking back, it was so different in Ghana.

When I came back, I started seeing things here in my country differently. Luxuries we have here I didn’t have there. When I came back, everything was different, I saw things from a different perspective. I would love to volunteer again.”

Charlotte (Switzerland):

“I didn’t expect I would have so much fun with the children; there was so much laughing. It was great to meet so many different people, either in the clinic or in the orphanage, and to get to know a different culture. The village was so nice and welcoming to us.

I think Ghana is a really good place to stay because you feel really safe and the people really want you to have good time with them. In the end, I felt like I did something useful for the kids and they really taught me a lot.”

Our staff in Ghana greatly appreciate all the help volunteers bring as well. Here’s what Seth, director of The Foundation, had to say about our volunteers in Ghana:



We hope these first-hand accounts helped show how great volunteering can be – and of course, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time!

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You can read more about our volunteering programmes in Ghana here. Furthermore, you can find out more about Volunteer Invest here.

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