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Volunteering abroad is a fantastic way to travel and see the world while using your skills and time to help a community in need. It can also be a source of personal transformation while providing positive benefits to a community.

However, going abroad for a volunteer experience can be expensive. There are;

While some volunteers have ample access to funding their volunteer trip, the reality is that most need to do some serious fundraising and saving to finance their trip.

Write about what you are embarking on, your motivations and the support you need 

Creating your own website or blog is the ideal way to share photos and stories of your experiences. Use your blog section to tell the full story of your volunteer abroad trip and keep everyone updated of progress.

A blog or website lets everyone who supports you financially take part in your adventures and could motivate others to donate.

GoFundMe and JustGiving all allow hopeful volunteers the ability to create unique campaigns. Supporters can donate easily, receive thank you messages and exciting updates and view progress. Be sure to use other social media channels as well like Facebook to remind people about your campaign.

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Shhhhhhh secrets of fundraising 

Why have you decided to engage in this form of meaningful travel and what will donations contribute to?

People respond to stories, so make sure yours is engaging, which is likely pretty easy considering you are hoping to volunteer internationally. It’s equally important to communicate in your fundraising campaign description.

The more enthusiastic you are about your trip the more likely it is to get others excited.

How to write your story 

Connect the reader to the project you are volunteering with.

Tell the reader a little about the children’s lives you hope to be a part of.  Share with the readers the reasons you want to go.

Indicate the need of international volunteering, explain and be honest about the costs and how this helps the organisation you are volunteering with. Explain why you have chosen the particular programme, how it speaks to you, what you are hoping to achieve. Explain the overall costs and how these help the communities you are serving.

Tell them about the problems facing the communities you will be a part of, illustrate how you will spend your time. The more emotive, the more engaging your story will be. Think about the sentence: “I will care for kids,” versus the sentence, “I will care for young vulnerable children in a local village games, play and love.”

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Here are some examples of Volunteer’s that have visited our placements 

Fundraising, Vocational Impact

EMMA fundraised her total target
Fundraising, Vocational Impact

[VIDEO] Where Does Your Volunteer Money GO?

  • A lot of the funding goes towards development of the charities, whether that’s for their websites or for their electricity bills it really varies
  • Building a sustainable way for the projects to grow
  • Responsibility to send good volunteers
  • Where does your volunteer fee money go? International development. 100% invested into the partner projects
  • Fundraising for NGOs, a registered charity and not-for-profit

Making a decision on which volunteer programme can be the hardest part, talk to your network and research

With so many choices out there, it can be so hard to ascertain how beneficial a project is, so keep looking.

Choose the organisation that enables you to do “real good, give back and make a difference”. Then from there, work out how much time you have and give yourself month by month fundraising aims. This helps you visualise how best to spend your time and money.

You get by with a little help from your friends (and family, and college, school and university) 

Don’t limit your outreach to just people you think have the money to donate or family members.

Make a list of the people you know and who might be able to contribute. Remember even £5 donations add up! Always think about who you know that could help you.

When you share your page, ask people to share it with their contacts too. If you don’t ask they may not even realise how they can help.

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HELLO social media

People need several reminders before they act.  So spread the word among everyone continuously. Many campaigners make the mistake of a strong initial outreach then just waiting. Don’t let the energy die down, you have an adventure to go on. Don’t forget the power of email. Send a regular email update, include your donate link and share your progress.

Be sure to remind people of the approaching deadline.

Bake a cake, run a mile, bike a country

Fundraising doesn’t have to be anything apart from fun. Let your imagination run wild. Why not hold a bake sale? Ask for sponsorship to a race, a hike or even a swim? You could dress up in fancy dress for a day at work? You could do a sponsored silence……

Have fun. Your journey has begun.

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