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by Vocational Impact|Feb 17 2017|Ghana
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From fresh out of the ocean grilled fish with a spicy sauce to the classic African jollof rice, there is enough variety in Ghanaian gastronomy to keep your appetite busy regardless of how long you’re in the country for. We guarantee you’ll never tire of eating your way through Ghana’s flavourful cuisine.

Ghana has held on to its cultural roots for centuries and this is very much reflected in its food – tasty dishes, made from local crops and with locally-sourced food.

Must Eat: Red Red
Beans, beans, beans. If you love them, you’ll be looking for a flat in Accra after you try this delicious fine bean curry which can be made with a mix of prawns or fish. Red Red will awaken a bean devouring beast but we have good news – it’s relatively easy to make so get on those Youtube cooking videos when you get back!

red red stew- Ghana - fOOD

red red stew- Ghana – fOOD

Must Eat: Chichinga
This is Ghana’s favourite street food and it’ll give you a good idea of what Ghanaians go for when they get hungry. This tasty kebab can be made with a mix of beef, sausage, aubergine, courgettes, bell peppers and it will taste like Ghana.

Must Eat: Waakye
I may have mentioned earlier you’d be in for a treat or two in Ghana if you love beans and I’m happy to reconfirm the veracity of that statement. Pronounced as Wa-chi, this Ghanaian delicacy is predominantly made with black-eyed beans and rice with either meat or fried fish like an eel, boiled egg, rice, fried chicken, various vegetables or even stringy noodles and it’s simply a must have.



Must Eat: Seafood
If you find yourself with more money than you know what to do with, it might be worth to try Accra’s delicious seafood scene. From langoustines to mackerel and barracuda, the food will be as fresh as it gets as it will have been brought in from all over the Gulf of Guinea and purchased at one of the local fish markets. The colourful fishing town of Elmina would be a great option to bear witness to the vivacity of Ghana’s fish markets and experience the quality of their product.

Must Eat: Akontoshi
Since we’re on seafood, Akontoshi can’t be recommended enough. This crab dish consists of stuffing the crab’s shell with its ginger and garlic cooked meat and several vegetables. Are you familiar with those appetisers that make you realise you could probably survive for a few months on a deserted island living purely off them? You’ll know Akontoshi will be one of those.

Must Eat: Groundnut Soup
There’s a great variety of groundnut soups in Ghana’s culinary arsenal, which can be explained by how a simple soup can be made in so many delicious ways. Traditionally made from a unique blend of peanuts, ginger, garlic, tomato, hot pepper, goat meat, beef in a huge bowl, it is often enjoyed with a sticky ball made from cassava, yam or plantain, also known as fufu. When dipped in, it will absorb the full flavour of the soup and add another dimension to your delightful culinary tour of this beautiful country.

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