2023 Volunteer Abroad Spaces Available

Last Chance to Volunteer Abroad 2023

Volunteer Abroad Placements Free Discount Offer

If you are still sitting on the fence about joining one of our volunteer placements in 2023, then don’t wait much longer as some of our projects are sold out, and others are selling out fast.

We limit our monthly numbers to 4 volunteers per month, per project location.

We are running a 15% Spring Discount until 30.04.2023 so now really is the best time to volunteer abroad.

2023 Volunteer Spring Discount

Volunteer Abroad Discount Offer

What does this mean in reality? The offer is for anyone looking to volunteer for 2 weeks and more at ANY of our destinations and on ANY of our placements. How awesome is that?

So if you want to travel to the wonderful world of Ghana, and explore jungles and apply your psychology degree.

If it’s more India and the opportunity to share your creativity on our Creative Arts placement.

What Makes Vocational Impact Different?

We are different to other volunteer abroad providers because we are a registered charity and we tie your university degree in with your volunteer experience, meaning you will gain valuable work experience from your time away.

As a registered UK charity, we have helped many volunteers access grants and sponsorship to support their placement costs as well as provided fundraising tools to help you travel abroad and gain unique work experience. 

We will tailor the placement focus around your interests, whether you’re interested in child development, trauma recovery, art/play-therapy, counselling, or generally observing how other cultures work in the psychology and mental health space.

We will guide you through each step and make you feel like a VIP through the whole journey. We know it’s a huge decision, so check out our or book a call to chat to one of our small friendly team.

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